Oliver Denney


My name is Oliver denney. I chose the career “Infantry”. I chose that career because my stepdad was in the military and that made me want to do it. After i went through the test it showed that I would be good for it and that theres basicallly nothing that I did not like about the career. Another reason I chose it is because with enough time invested into this career gets a very good annual pay.

Job description

Very hard career for what it pays. Not really ever home apart from some holidays. You have to go through many tests to have shot at the job (mental and physical). When you get in boot camp is extremely difficult and painful


When you first start out if you don’t have a bachelor degree then you’ll be making around 18,000-

$24,000 annual. Mid-level pay is $24,000-$89,000. The best you can get is a general (1-2 star) $110,000. So basically when you start out this is really bad pay.

Education requirements

There is no required college education but it is recommended because with a bachelors degree over $6,000 more can be made a year. But if you really want you can go from high school into the military.

Career path

To start off my career I would have a bachelor degree which would automatically make me the rank officer.Since a career typically lasts 20-30 years that is’ enough time to get promoted to at the bare minimum colonel and the best being a 1-2 star general which pays really well for this line of work.

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