Aurora Public Schools 2015

In this update:

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New/Updated 5/7/15:

  • Before the paper reports arrive...what you can get ready now
  • ACCESS Spreadsheets
  • Re-designation Information

Important Information:

  • ACCESS Parent/Guardian reports and letters
  • Options for printing English/Spanish letters
  • Sample PowerPoint slides for sharing and interpreting data

Logistics: Reports & Letters

ACCESS Spreadsheets are here! (5/7/15)

ACCESS spreadsheets are on the v-drive in the same folder as the ACCESS reports. Everything for a school can be found your school's v drive in the folder that Accountability & Research shares data with principals. You'll need to get this information from your administrator or school secretary or you can also ask your consultant.

ACCESS spreadsheets:

The ACCESS spreadsheets are on the school V-drives. Each school has two tabs on the spreadsheet. Below are what each spreadsheet includes.

Sheet #1 :ACCESS data student data 2014-15 includes:

· ACCESS data for ALL students that took ACCESS in that specific building

· Active and inactive students

· Example use: Can be used to look at student scores for those that have withdrawn

Sheet #2: 2015-16 Enrollments with ACCESS includes:

· All active enrollments for that site

· incoming 6th and 9th grades for secondary sites

· Active enrollments for 1st – 5th graders at the Elementary level

· Example use: Can be used to start grouping students

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Before the paper reports arrive...what you can get ready now (Updated 5/7/15)

Due to an error in the initial WIDA paper reports, APS is awaiting the arrival of accurate Parent/Guardian and Teacher Reports. We are still not sure exactly when to expect them, but you can start to prepare now. Here's how:

Each school's V drive now has updated information to support you. Here's what you will find in these folders (some of this information is also linked below).

Please use The ACCESS Parent/Guardian Reports and Letters chart to support you with making copies/packets based on each student's language preferences.
The ACCESS Parent/Guardian Reports and Letters chart

Accountability and Research will contact SACs when reports are ready for pick up.

Please use the guidelines below to ensure that families receive the correct letters and reports in a timely manner.

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Spanish/English letters: Order deadline

All students that took the 2015 ACCESS need to have a copy of the APS ACCESS letter in English and Spanish (regardless of home language). On 4/28/15, Kim Terry sent an email to SACs regarding ordering the APS ACCESS parent letter in English and Spanish.

Options for Printing:

  1. Completing this survey link BY MAY 1 to request these letters from print services. If choosing this option, the school must agree to pay the printing cost, or
  2. The school may decide to prints off these letters themselves.

You do not need to fill out this survey link, but we would like you to check in with your SAC about these letters to see which option best fits your building’s need.

Sample PowerPoints

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A note from your ELA Consultant:

As ACCESS data begins to roll in, please be sure to schedule time to plan with your consultant. We can use this information together to organize the number of sections and teachers for ELD. Please wait until your consultant can meet with you at your school so that we can work on ELD groupings together. Feel free to get a start if you want, but please do not finalize anything until we have a chance to meet.