February Newsletter 2021

Career Center

February is HERE!

Hoping all is well in your world as the Career Center campus is bustling with all kinds of positive energy.

Covid-19 Update-

You may be aware of Superintendent Diana Sirko's correspondence addressing the updated D51 protocol relating to the above. Basically, the message is... wear your mask properly-with integrity, stay the course and we can lessen those situations that require a person to be quarantined. - And that is GOOD NEWS! D51 is striving to stay in "Face to Face" learning. Career Center campus continues to adhere to outlined Covid-19 D51 policies believing the best education is that experienced in a "Face to Face'' learning environment.

The above will directly help us with one of our 3rd quarter campus wide goals- to improve our overall attendance. Continue to: wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands often (Please ... and Thank You).

New Valley School building update-

The weather has been "slowing us down" a little with the finishing up of the New Valley Building. We are looking at a move in date around the 3rd week of February. By the way- it is VERY NICE!

Smiles for ALL-

The 3rd quarter is long, busy and full of adventure. Sometimes this can wear a person down. Pace yourself, be positive and know we are here to support and help you in the great adventure. If there is EVER a time that it becomes too much please know there are resources and support that can help. COME TALK TO US!

As always-

Career Center campus is a student centered, project based, performance assessed learning environment. We are proud of our ability to keep learning "real" and focus on the "whole person". We are proud of our kids and know we cannot do what we do without the support of our families, community and friends. Thank you for the continued support.

Enjoy February and remember... Career Center campus is the Home of the D51 Rockstars and that is a GOOD THING!

Cam Wyatt


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ECP is staying focused and busy in February!

So much is happening in the month of February for ECP students! Check out the ECP class Newsletter from Ms. Deb and Ms. "C" to catch up on the projects, certifications and fun activities keeping the students engaged!
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Exciting News From the Floral Department!

The Flower Gift shop at CC is now open to staff and students only!! There are quite a variety of items to choose from; including chips, snack cakes, bagels w/cream cheese, energy drinks, greeting cards, and stuffed animals. Stop in and take a look! Due to COVID protocol, they are limiting the number of customers in the shop at one time to five. If you would like to visit during class time and you have your teachers permission, please make sure to bring a note or hall pass with you.


Call for curbside pick up! 970-254-6056 between 11:30 and 12:30 thru Friday!

Date Night Kit Success

Thank you all for helping to make our Valentine's Day Date Night Kit in a Box from the amazing Culinary Arts and Horticulture Programs a success. We appreciate your support!! Please continue to check back for more special events!