Heart Transplant

Things to Know

Should You Get One??

If you have any of the below listed a heart transplant may need to placed on your radar:

>Coronary Artery Disease- the build up of plaque in the coronary arteries restricting blood flow

>Cardiomyopathy- the thickening of the walls in your heart restricting the heart's ability to contract and pump blood

>Heart Valve Diseases- affect the heart's ability to open and close its valves that allow functionality

>Congestive Heart Failure- heart is incapable of supplying blood to tissues throughout the body

>Severe Congenital Heart Disease- the incomplete or abnormal completion of an infants heart during pregnancy


Surgery is not Recommended if...

You have:

>Kidney, lung, or liver disease

>Insulin dependent diabetes

>Any other life threatening diseases

Heart Transplants are the 3rd Most Common Transplant Surgery Done in the United States

Have a Serious Conversation With Your Doctor

Even as heart transplant surgery is quite common and has been improved over the years there are still risks. There will always be a risk of:


>Internal Bleeding

>Blood Clots

>Respiratory malfunctions

>Kidney Failure

>Coronary Arteriopathy

Precautions Pre-Surgery

Your doctor will do everything to make you comfortable and to ensure your safety. Extensive questionnaires and tests to discern any allergies or diseases that may hinder the effectiveness of the surgery. Testing will commence post-surgery as well to ensure capability between your body and your new heart.

The Surgery

>The surgeon will put you under anesthetics

>Tubes and regulators will monitor and maintain your body's functions

>An incision will be made along the sternum

>The sternum, or breastbone, will be opened in order to allow access to the heart

>The old heart will then be removed

>The new heart will be trimmed to fit the space of the old

>The donor heart will be sewn into the vacant heart

>Blood vessels will be connected

>The new heart will be shocked to life and will be monitored for functionality