Adana Pérez Vázquez

"Always aspire to inspire"


Graduated from Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico with a bachelor's degree in Digital Television Production. I've achieved and fulfill enough experience in television and film industry by being part of the Post Production Department. In addition to possess great knowledge in the practice area, my interest in creating content and develop new ideas has been a step to stand out in entertainment, media and technology management.

Adding a personal note, what my digital portfolio cannot illustrate is what sets me apart from other candidates. Namely, my penchant for organization, my eye for detail, my positive and personable nature, and my ability to perform—under pressure. I’m sure that the passion for my work, my dedication, leadership, and above all my professional ethics will contribute positively to my work area. Prominent I stand out for my extroverted nature to interact with public. What is certain that we should strive to have a closer relationship with the people that we value and not the people who want to obtain benefits from us.

My achievements will be to work in Post Production Department where I can apply my knowledge abilities and past work experience in the different areas and fields to the benefit of the company which requires of my services, as well as to my continued professional growth.


Post Production-Editing

Responsible of the day-today smooth operation of the team. Constant communication and consultation with the director and other key creatives, on and off set. Producing television, commercials, movies, music videos and events.
Fast Five - Teaser Trailer
De Aquí Yo No Me Voy
JKing y Maximan - Ponteme Ahi (2013)
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Casting Director

Work with director and producer to assemble the perfect cast for the film.

Worked as Casting Directors Assistant with Zoraida Sanjurjo, CSA (Casting Society of America)

REVOLT Teaser 1
Runner Runner | Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
The Big C - Dime Cuando
Comercial Seguro Compulsorio


David Bisbal "Acústico", Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce. (2012)

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Art Direction & Set Decorator

Devour Me Again, Editorial for (2015)

Photographer: Bryan Josue

Model: Nivializ Perez

Creative Director & Stylist: Nathasha Bonet

Location: La Putanessca, Santurce, PR

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"De Aquí, Yo No Me Voy"

The television program that explores migration from the perspective of young bold and determined to reinvented the local economy despite the recession.
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Writings and Presentations


Digital Television Production, University of the Sacred Heart- 2009-2016

High School Diploma, Sacred Heart of Jesus-2009


Contact me either at my telephone number or e-mail address as per your convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read my efforts and I expect to hear from you soon.