Why was it hard to be President?

In the early years of the United States?

International Problems

- Britain and France were at war, this was a problem because we were trading with both of them and they were capturing our ships. This created diplomatic problem since we didn't enter the war.

-British troops were in the Ohio valley, this was a problem because this could start a war between the US and Britain.

-The American's and Native Americans were fighting over land. This was a problem because this put more stress on the president.

Problems Happening in the United States

-1789 The National Government didn't have enough money to run anything.

-1790 The people learned that the national army could take away there liberty.

-Political parties became part of the election process, which was a problem because they had to sort out everything and decide if the people running should have a vice president of the same party running with them.

-In 1796 Thomas Jefferson represented the republicans and John Adams represented the federalists

-1811 The Americans were taking Native American land, and there was a lot of fighting. Which put more stress on our president.