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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My "Spooky Locations" Contribution

Throughout the last few weeks, as I've sharing photos of creepy or spooky places on the Michigan Halloween fan page I've been telling myself that there is an abandoned building that I should really take some photos of on Shepherd Road which looks really spooky. Its a two story brick building between the expressway and Broomfield road which doesn't look like its been lived in or used for years.

I take Shepherd Rd. a lot, so I drive by this place all of the time, but I never have my camera with me. So, tonight when I was leaving to meet my family for dinner in Mount Pleasant I grabbed my camera and stopped on my way to the restaurant. I hoped that I wouldn't be asked about being on the property, but I knew I wasn't harming anybody by being there.

At first, I took a couple of pictures from the driveway, but as I compared the shots I was taking to the ones I've seen come across my newsfeed, I realized that I really needed to take a photo from directly in front of the building. I walked into the yard, and began lining my camera for my next shot. In between photos, I reflected on how dilapidated and empty the building was. For a moment, I tried to peer into one of its windows, wondering how freaky it would be if I suddenly spotted a face staring back at me, or if strange figures emerged from the front doorway and began watching me from the front porch.

I took a couple of more photos, then drifted back towards my car. I took another far-away photo of the house, then got into my car and left.

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