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Prices will increase on Friday.

The early bird gets the worm!

Market is going up on Friday and SPRING is here!!! Two days left to buy at these numbers and stock up before busy season goes into full swing. Call me today!

Kari Gaviria
Madison Wood Short

Did you know?

-Madison is 100% Ground contact. As you know it voids the warranty when end users misapply our product. We feel as partners that it is our job to protect our retailers from that misapplication. Madison understands that it is impossible for you guys to know every use and application. Going all Ground Contact takes and guessing and the worrying out of the equation.

-We are booming with Marketing Advantages. Not only do we offer a set amount of dollars per truck to go towards your events and advertising but we also do a lot of our own. With the high quality reputation retailers are quickly setting their stores apart from their competition by stocking our product.

-MADWORD. We are leading the way in providing pertinent information on hot topics as they arise in the industry. Our retailers stay on top of “what’s new” with our MADWORD blog. If change is underway our guys see it coming. No more surprises, no more guessing. Clear, concise information at your fingertips. Have someone that would be interested in getting our MADWORD? Send their email my way.

-MADWOOD Installer Certification. We offer a training course (takes about 1 hour) for sales staff, buyers, contractors… homeowners… your dog. Whoever is interested, we will teach! This covers best practices on the yard and during construction, retention levels, usages …etc. Since starting this program a few years ago we have seen a major increase in our retailer’s ability to sell through price and sell based on realistic expectations. Our contractors are happier, our retailers are more knowledgeable which as you guys know bodes well for sales.

-Blue Diamond Dealers. This is the crème de la crème of treated lumber. Our Blue Diamond Dealers actively participate in our programs, stock 100% Madison Wood, follow our best practice guidelines and stock at least one high end product. These guys know their stuff. They are dominating the industry as leaders and their business is booming because of the direction they are heading. They aren’t competing with big box day in and day out. They are better. Their product is better. It’s a win win. We do more marketing for these guys, we advertise them on our find a retailer site including their name and info. We outfit their stores with marketing material. You name it. The sky is the limit for our Blue Diamond Dealers.

-Claims help desk. If you have never experienced a claim CONGRATS! But if you have run across a product failure it can be a long drawn out process. That’s why we created the claims help desk. . This website gives you everything you need to know on the process of how we stand behind our retailers. By going all ground contact we no longer have to have the hard conversation of “you aren’t covered because you used the product wrong.” Our guys know that they are protected. Every. Single. Time.

360 GOOGLE TOUR. Our new website features a 360 tour of our facility. You can literally walk through every part of our 4.5 acre indoor warehouse. We are taking the transparent approach here because we are super proud of our facility. Other companies don’t have the luxury of wanting to show you their production. We take pride in the extra steps we take that allow us to produce at such a high quality.

New animation! Recently we created a new animation to talk about the difference between our product and everyone else! See below!

World’s Greatest Lumber Treater- Did I mention we won World’s Greatest Lumber Treater in 2016? Because we did! Our plant was featured on National TV.

Dont get BAD WOOD- get MADWOOD!