Superb Lyrebirds

Sarah 3D

Superb Lyrebirds are native Australian birds.

The Superb Lyrebird’s scientific name is Menua Novahollandie. Lyrebirds are just a bit smaller than chickens. They have short round brown wings for short flights. This is because Lyrebirds can’t fly long distances. Lyrebirds are well known for their long beautiful tail, which is pictured on the Australian five cent coin.

Lyrebirds live in small mounds made out of dirt, sticks and leaves. They make them on the forest floor in the shade out of sight. This is because Lyrebirds are very shy, so that explains why they are rarely seen by humans.

Lyrebirds eat worms, small frogs, spiders and other insects. Lyrebirds need fresh unpolluted water to drink. Female Lyrebirds lay one blotched egg at a time. The female cares for her young alone. The incubating period lasts 50 days. The nest is made close to the ground.

The Lyrebirds main threat is humans. Logging and car killings are destroying the population of lyrebirds. Lyrebirds can mimic most of the forest sounds around them. Their life span is 15-20 years. Lyrebirds need help to survive.

More national parks need to be developed for Lyrebirds to live in safety.