Room 1 Fun

Ms. Cindy, Ms. Tanya, Ms. Pam

Butterfly Release

Last Monday, we came in to discover we no longer had chrysalids... we had butterflies! Due to the cold weather, we kept them inside to observe until Thursday. On Thursday, we released them into the outdoor classroom and watched them fly away. To finish up our butterfly study, we wrote one last journal entry about what our butterflies are doing now. Everybody agrees they are flying around and enjoying the flowers!

Sensory Science

The last two weeks of school we will be exploring science activities using our senses. We will be making predictions and seeing what happens when we change variables. Some of our activities include mentos and coke, oil and water, taste testing, and lots of activities with corn starch! We are going to have as much messy fun as we can before the year ends.


Upcoming Dates

Pastries with Parents- May 7th

Last day of class- May 9th

Last day of care- May 24th

Parent Teacher Conferences- May 20-24th

Kindergarten Tours- May 13th

Graduation- May 13th

Please contact me with any questions!

Explore at Home

Cornstarch Fun

Mix 1 to 1 cornstarch and shaving cream for a fun, moldable sensory experience

Mix cornstarch and water- see if you can scoop up a handful!