Adult Care Homes .

By: Ashley Stiles

Information !

  • Also called board and care home or group home, an adult care home is a residence that offers housing and personal care services, such as meals, supervision, and transportation for 3 to 16 residents

  • Works are residences for aged and disabled adults who may require 24-hour supervision and assistance with personal care needs
  • People in adult care homes typically need a place to live, some help with personal care such as dressing, grooming and keeping up with medications
  • The workers are often referred to as home health aides, certified nursing assistants and custodial care workers

Money !

  • You use your personal money and savings to pay for nursing home care
  • The money is needed for adult day care, assisted living, medical equipment, and informal home care
  • People would pay each month
  • After people's money would run out, medicaid would kick in
  • Medicaid is health care for the needy; a federally and state-funded program

Similar To Adult Care Home .

  • All care homes are the same, because it's at home and nurses do the same thing for young people too, like kids
  • Also nurses do the same at hospitals too, it's not at home where people live but they are doing the same there too
  • That's because their helping people, feeding them, helping change some of them clothes, giving baths, cooking, and doing errands