September Edition


September 23: District 1 Conference

September 24: District 2 Conference

September 25: District 3 Conference

October 28: GASC Leadership Summit

February 21-23: GASC Convention


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District conferences, formerly known as district rallies, are coming this month to GASC! Make sure to sign up by Wednesday, September 11 at 4 PM. This year's district conferences are all about using the Elements of Leadership!

Find out what district you're a part of and sign up below.


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As the new school year goes into swing, so do fundraisers for Bert's Big Adventure! This year, we encourage every school to raise at least $500. GASC's goal is $20,000!

Here's reminder of the programs you would be helping to support-

  • The Trip Program: Each year, Bert’s Big Adventure provides a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Walt Disney World® for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. From the limo rides and chartered flight, to the character-filled parties and princess makeovers, the trip is nothing short of magical. Throughout the trip, each family is accompanied by a Bert’s Big Adventure liaison, allowing them to get the most out of their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • The Reunion Adventure Program: Following the annual trip, Bert’s Big Adventure strives to further strengthen its established community and friendships by hosting Reunion Adventures. Also known as family reunions, the exclusive and unique events provide the families with year-round opportunities to enjoy more VIP experiences and intimate family time away from doctor visits and hospital stays.

  • The Fairy Godparent Volunteer Program: The Bert’s Big Adventure Fairy Godparent volunteer program supports the organization’s families when a Bert’s Big Adventure child is admitted to a partner hospital. The Fairy Godparent volunteers visit the children daily and provide magical moments during a trying time. So far, Bert’s Big Adventure has established the Fairy Godparent volunteer program in Atlanta, Nashville and Washington, D.C. with many more cities to come!

Watch Abby's Story!

Bert's Big Adventure 2019 - Abby

Ways to Fundraise for Bert's!

Spotlight on Service

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Humans of GASC

This month we are highlighting our wonderful District Representatives! They are tirelessly working to make sure everyone has a great time at District Conferences.

Adam Shamsi

Position: District 1 Representative

School: Discovery High School

Grade 2019-2020: 12th

Favorite Quote: "Opportunity is a clever creature that hides itself in the shape of adversity."- Kaitlyn Choe

Adam can do a split! His mentor is Kaitlyn Choe, the first Student Council President at Discovery and recipient of the Gates Scholarship, now attending Stanford University. "She had a kind heart and was able to lift up everyone around her." Adam says. His favorite Student Council experience was planning the end of the year banquet. When asked why it was his favorite memory, he says "I've never cried so much and laughed so much in one day. I love my council like a family and that day showed me just how dysfunctional and exceptional our council is. As lame as it sounds, if I could relive any day of my life, it would be that day."

Jenna Nguyen

Position: District 1 Representative

School: Discovery High School

Grade 2019-2020: 12th

Favorite Quote: "Life is always an adventure; some are fun, others are scary and painful, but for each adventure you take, another lesson is learned."

Jenna could fall asleep in two seconds if she wanted to. She loves Student Council because without it she would not be the person she is today. Her favorite memory of Student Council is when she joined. Jenna's mentor is her sister; "She has been through the roughest patches with me and along the way, she has taught me so much. She and I have suffered, overcome, and fought together. I look up to her and everything she does although I wouldn't admit it if she ever asked."

Qytarah Dixon

Position: District 2 Representative

School: Thompson Middle School

Grade 2019-2020: 8th

Favorite Quote: "Always stay positive and responsible!"

Qytarah loves to sing. She enjoyed attended the GASC Convention this past year! Her mentor is Mrs. Fleming, a teacher at her school. "I love her as a teacher and I respect her enough to be my mentor." says Qytarah.

Anaiah Hill

Position: District 2 Representative

School: Thompson Middle School

Grade 2019-2920: 7th

Favorite Quote: "You are as strong as your weakest link."

Anaiah is a cheerleader and is a player in band. Her favorite Student Council memory was dining in the Rock Eagle Cafeteria at Convention. Anaiah's mentor is also Mrs. Fleming, because "she is funny but works hard so we get the job done."

Tracy Chen

Position: District 3 Representative

School: Wayne County High School

Grade 2019-2020: 12th

Favorite Quote: "Treat others how you want to be treated."

Tracy has illustrated four t-shirt designs for clubs at her school! She says her mentor is anyone she meets, because she believes everyone has positive qualities that she can learn from. Her favorite Student Council memory was planning her school's "Lucky Bingo". "This year was my first year on Student Council, and seeing how hard all the members worked to make it earn over $2000 inspired me to host more fundraisers. The event showed me how much a group of leaders can accomplish." says Tracy.

Presley Cain

Position: District 3 Representative

School: Wayne County High School

Grade 2019-202: 12th

Favorite Quote: "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

Presley enjoys kicking footballs for his school. His favorite Student Council memory was attending SASC in 2018. His mentor is a friend who graduated last year. Presley says, "He is always positive when life is going terrible. He works very hard and strives for greatness in everything he does. He is always putting others first and serving. I, along with many others, look up to him."


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Attend your local District Conference to learn more information about the different offices of GASC!



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Taylor Dodd has served as an advisor of the North Gwinnett Middle School Student Council for the past four years. He has also been a senior counselor at BLAST for the past four years and is GASC's Middle School Advisor of the Year for 2019. In addition to advising the Student Council, Mr. Dodd also teaches algebra and enjoys listening to country music. "Mr. Dodd sets an example of what a true, dedicated leader is and inspires students to be the best they can be. He guides us through challenges and insures we accomplish our goals and succeed. If we need anything, Mr. Dodd is always ready to step up and help us," says Yasmen Sgayyher, "His passion and motivation have taught us various valuable lessons and we are more than grateful to have him as our head advisor! Mr. Dodd perfectly exemplifies what a servant leader should be, by supporting students and taking care of everyone around him. We can always look up to him as a mentor, role model, and inspiration."
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