NSSD Instruction & Technology

June 2019 Year End Report


NSSD continues to see great gains in the quality of instruction occurring across the district. Our district administrators made nearly 2,000 teacher observations this year to reinforce hight quality instructional practice. Staff also were provided four opportunities to reflect on their instructional practice by observing others or watching videos. The Baker Evaluation Research Consulting (BERC) Group also completed and independent audit of instructional practice in the district for a 4th year. Their instructional audit has enabled the district to monitor our progress to have a high implementation of brain research powerful teaching and learning strategies across the district. Their research identifies schools who have reach an 80% presence of powerful teaching and learning practices to have strong instructional practices overall. The district overall rating was 86% and we have had three schools at or nearly at 100% in the last two years. Our students are receiving high quality instruction on a consistent basis!

Professional Development

NSSD had another strong year in providing high quality professional development opportunities to staff. We are very fortunate to have staff that are actively pursuing continued learning opportunities. This Spring, we had 15 participants attend a two day RULER training offered by Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER is an acronym that stands for the five skills of emotional intelligence; recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing and regulating emotions. Implementing the RULER methodology has proven to be a effective program for increasing positive school climate and reduce bullying. Next year our K-8 buildings will begin implementation.

In-district we held two professional learning days and multiple courses offered by district staff. Writing, Math, Science, AVID 6-16 hour courses were offered and attended by 96 staff members. We had 163 staff members attend out-of-district training this year.

Each summer professional development opportunities continue to grow. We have 40 staff members attending AVID Summer Institute in Seattle this year, a full week of Science curriculum training for SHS staff and nearly 40 other staff engaging in learning offered in and out of the district this summer.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Achievements and Learning

It is with great excitement that we can announce that NSSD is now a K -12 AVID Certified School District. This means that ALL of our contracted AVID sites this year worked diligently to meet certification status for all of the domains and indicators that are outlined in the Coaching and Certification Instrument (CCI), the tool used by AVID to define effective schools. Bridget Weldon, our Oregon AVID Program Manager conducted a formal coaching visit on May 29th, 2019. She visited 16 classrooms and met with building administrators. She was impressed with the commitment to excellence in instruction and culture and identified opportunities for growth. She highlighted that the leadership was providing excellent support to move all of our AVID systems forward next year. Congratulations to SES, SIS, SMS and SHS! A formal update will be presented to the School Board on June 20th.

In addition to our celebrations being held at all schools, we also have many opportunities for professional learning this summer. Our district path trainers will be training over 30 certified and classified staff by offering two courses: Learning Through Writing and Bridges to Success in late June. NSSD has also received grant funding from NIKE and Miller to take 40 educators to the AVID Summer Institute in Seattle, Wa, July 1st -3rd. Our educators are enrolled in courses that include STEM, Reading, Writing, and Culturally Relevant Teaching. We can’t thank our sponsors enough for the financial support to pursue more learning around effective instructional practices to reach all students.

Lastly, we will be offering our first Algebra Readiness Summer Bridge course for all incoming 9th graders to Stayton High School. This is a fun, interactive, hands-on math program designed to get the brain moving while learning advanced math concepts. Successful students may be able to move up one year in math, moving from Pre-Algebra to Algebra 1. Students who are eligible for this course should have received a registration form from their 8th-grade math teachers. Please reach out to them if you believe your child can benefit from this opportunity.

Technology: 1 to 1 Chromebooks in 2019!

Next year NSSD will have one-to-one chromebooks across the district! This will offer our staff and students opportunities to expand the use of technology to increase student learning and engagement.

The technology staff is researching several resources to offer next year for teachers, students and parents. This includes the ability for teachers to freeze and monitor computer activities in their classroom and adding software to enable the district to partner with parents to monitor student online activities on their student accounts.

NSSD Mobile App 4,381 Followers

NSSD currently has 4381 school followers on the NSSD Mobile App. The recent parent survey reported the NSSD App is parents preferred method for receiving information from the schools and district. Parents are getting signed into the App and following their local school to receive notifications and check student attendance and grades at a higher rate than previous years. Nearly 1,500 messages were sent out this year from the school offices and district.

The App Page View Report shows the tremendous activity this year. Notifications are messages from the district or school that are sent to groups or whole school. The students tab indicates the number of students or parents accessing their grades and missing assignments via the NSSD App.

Big picture

Teacher Messaging 138,383

Our teachers really increased their communications to families this year via their communication platform. The Technology Department exceeded their communication goal by nearly 10 messages per teacher. The numbers are amazing!

  • Teacher Messages: 5,442
  • Parent Contacts: 138,383
  • Contacts per Parent: 25.65 to 53.49 range by school
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