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How do I order cheap glasses online

If you've ever ordered products online, you know that the Internet often beats a regular store hands-down for convenience. For one thing, you don't need to leave your house. Plus, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can comparison shop for a great price.

However, you need to consider certain issues when you buy eyeglasses online, because every pair of glasses is a custom-made item. Not only are there different designs and materials of both frames and lenses and different lens treatments, but everybody's head and eyes are different, too. So you or an optician must take various measurements for a proper fit.

1. Start at By HIM, BY HER, BY KID , SHOP BY BRAND or SHOP BY PRICE in the main toolbar and select the eyeglasses category of your choice.

2. Browse through the eyeglasses frame styles by clicking the picture thumbnails. On each item page, select your choice of frame colors.
There is a virtual mirror on the right of the page, you can use it to see how the glasses frame look like on people of different gender, age, skin colorand face shape.

3. Follow the step by step instruction to customize your lenses: enter your prescription, select lens type,lens packages, colors, & other options.

4. If you need help click on the questions under each choices to get detailed explanations on each entry.

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