Munchkin at the Hilliard Library

Kill Monsters! Steal Treasure! Cheat Your Friends!

Calling All Adventurers

During recent renovations, a shocking discovery was made: the Hilliard library sits atop a sprawling, forgotten dungeon.

Good news: the librarians have been pushing for a dungeon addition for years, because why wouldn't they?

Bad news: this dungeon is infested with everything from zombies, horrors from beyond time and space- and giant chickens.

Adventurers ages 12 to 18, help us, you are our only hope.

Brave the depths, grab whatever gear you can find, and slay the beasts. Bring a friend to watch your back, and maybe to steal loot from later on. Why should she get to keep that swag jetpack anyway?

Munchkin Club

Thursday, June 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

4772 Cemetery Road

Hilliard, OH

Munchkin is a fast paced roleplaying card game, with all of the hacking, slashing, and loot, and none of the boring stuff. Be a steampunk dwarf, a vampire wizard, or a halfling librarian. Fight super villains, the great Cthulu, or even the Ice King. Buckle swashes, grab all the treasure you can carry, and save the day. Plus, at our Munchkin Club kickoff, there will be pizza, because nothing goes better with dragon slaying than pepperoni. That's a thing people say, right?