End-of-Course Projects & Final Exam

For students in Beaver Sensei's Japanese 1 classes

This week, you'll need to attend your scheduled coaching, and complete & submit your EOC projects. We are also having a culture café on Tuesday evening.

End-of-Course Projects are due this week!

There are two main End-of-Course (EOC) Projects.

The first project is your Final LinguaFolio. You will complete your LinguaFolio for Japanese 1 and hopefully continue it in Japanese 2. This shouldn't take you much time to complete since you have already been working on your LinguaFolio at the end of each module over the course of the semester.

The second project has two parts: the first part consists of an "About Me" where you will demonstrate your ability to use all of the Japanese you have learned in this class. This part should really reflect what you've done in your speaking assignments. The second part is a travel brochure about Japan that will be written in English. This part will reflect what you've learned from your cultural discussions. You need to complete both parts.

Recovery Weeks

THIS WEEK, December 14 through 18th AND January 4th through 8th are "Recovery Weeks."

This means that no new assignments will be due.

The only assignments that will be due during these weeks are the End-of-Course projects, and the Final Exam.

It will give those of you who are behind some time to get caught up.

You are still required to attend coaching during the Recovery Weeks.

If you are missing work, from lessons 8 through 13, and would like to be considered for full credit, it is due by 11:59 PM (Midnight) on Friday, December 18th.

You will be able to submit work after this date, but points will be deducted for lateness.


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Final Exam

In addition to your projects, you also have a final exam.

The final exam will be open for you to take on January 4th and will close automatically at 11:59 PM on January 7th.

The final exam is a one-part cumulative exam. It will cover everything you have learned in this class.

You must type in Japanese on the final exam.

You will also need speakers or headphones, and a computer running the most updated version of quicktime. This is for listening questions.


If your exam freezes or you can not get back into it, you must have a teacher from your school verify this and then the teacher must contact me at 412-543-8917 in order to have it re-set (This cannot be done by you or a parent, I am sorry). You will lose any work you have done on the exam.


Your final exam will not work in Google Chrome. That's it. Fort Pitt!

Switch to or update your Firefox:


Or update to the most recent version of Internet Explorer:


P.S.: I recommend Firefox!

Install and Update Quicktime for your Final Exam

If you do not have quicktime installed (or updated) on your computer, the listening questions on the final exam will not work.

To download and install quicktime, or update your current version, follow this link:


Quicktime is listed as a requirement in the NCVPS Course Description for Japanese 1:


Academic Integrity

You are NOT permitted to use your notes or any aides (such as a web translator like Google translate) during any part of your final exam. Nor are you permitted to use it in the creation of your EOC projects.

This is in violation of the NCVPS Academic Integrity Guidelines (link).

If you are caught using a web translator (which is extremely easy for me to tell if you have, just BTW) you will receive a zero for your exam or EOC project grade and your school will be contacted.

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Weekend Ninjas!

Hey! Did you get a head start on your work this week or do some catching up over the weekend?

Way to go to all of the Japanese 1 Ninjas who worked over the weekend:

Edwin, Taylor, Ashley, Seth, John, Brandon, Grayce, Timothy, Malik, & Travis!!