Standing by the River

The Autobiography of Anne Hutchinson

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While recounting an experience from childhood, I begin to understand what has always been lying dormant in the back of my mind. I remember standing by the river, washing clothes and thinking about gender roles, an interesting and typically confusing topic for a child. But I remember thinking about it in total clarity and then realizing my beliefs did not align with the standards of society.
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John Winthrop-

"A truly inspiring and empowering story... [Anne] is a woman of ready wit and bold spirit and these traits are present in both her writing style ad ideas."

Thomas Hooker-

"...A truly eye opening and thought provoking commentary. I began to think more broadly on my views of suffrage and it's extent to women."

Roger Williams-

"I greatly appreciate her religious views and contradiction of blind obedience... Her thoughts on religion are incredibly insightful."

William Bradford-

"Despite my general distaste for her views, I genuinely enjoyed Mrs. Hutchingson's story and had a new found appreciation for her viewpoint without fully agreeing to it..."