Racing games!

Great fun and FREE!

This game is avadile now!

These two hole brilliant racing games keep you occupied and on the edge of your seat trying to beat the computer, so fast! Impress your friend's as you cross the finish line and the brilliant winner banner shows just for you! This is all with the help of kodu gamelab!

the first game

the first game is a short game. You race against one other player and you have to get their before he does, remember he's faster so keep your consentration. You will drive quickly round corners onto new grounds! This is like a candy ground to grass to WINNER or game over, so be careful!

Game Two

On this game you can go for and extreamly long ride, but dont take the wrong turn you could end up dying. On this game you race against 3 other's you are player 4! Yellow Red Blue and you are Purple so get racing!

The games launch!

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 10am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

Get ready for loads of fun and GAMES

bad guy!

Watch out because on game two a bad guy trys to kill you click A to shoot at them! The bad guy are called squidnicks their alot like squids. :)