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Magnets are amazing objects. They can detect, attract and repel objects that have iron in them. Magnets are great objects to experiment with. In this report, you will learn more about magnets and how they work.

What is a magnet?

Magnets can be powerful, big or small, and they come in different sizes, magnets do wonderful things. A magnet is an object that creates a force called a magnetic field. A magnet has a north and south poles. If two magnets face each other so that both south poles are facing each other then the two magnets will repel each other. A magnet is a metal detector! That is because magnets are metal detectors and also because it created a magnetic field. The word magnet comes from the word magnetite which is a mineral in the ground but is made from a stone called lodestone. A lodestone is a natural magnet.

What does and doesn’t a magnet attract?

A magnet can attract anything that has iron,metal,steel,copper and zinc. Magnets can even attract most everyday spoons and forks! Magnets unfortunately can not attract everything . They can’t attract paper,plastic,wood and aluminum foil. So if you put it next to a cola bottle then the magnet will not attract to it. But if you put a paper clip next to any kind of magnet the magnet should pull it towards itself. If a magnet would be a person then you could say they are pretty greedy or selfish.

When is a magnetic field created?

A magnetic field is created when a magnet comes in reach of a metal object or another magnet. The two objects attract or if you have another magnet they can repel. All of this happens because the magnet creates a force(the magnetic field) that attracts the metal object.


Magnets are very awesome objects. Magnets are metal detectors,which means that they attract metal things.Magnets are awesome because if you put a magnet near another magnet they will attract if the magnets are facing each other so that one of the magnet’s side is the north pole and the other magnet has its south pole facing the other magnet.But if both of the magnets have their north sides facing each other then the two magnets will repel each other.I hope that you enjoyed reading my report and that you also learned something cool about magnets.


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