Inside Out & Back Again

By: Thanhha Lai Book Reprort by: Emmie Hutchens


The book Inside Out & Back Again is about a little girl that lives in Vietnam. The sad thing in the book is when the Vietnam war comes she has to evacuate the area immediately. When her family evacuates the area they are told to board a ship. When they board the ship they can't go to the restroom, and they can't eat lots of food. While they are on the boat they get one cup of rice and one cup of water for their meal. If they didn't like to eat rice they were given a cup of beans. The thing in the book that was really hard to understand is that her dad left on a navy trip and never returned. After a long time, her family started watching the news. When the started watching the news, they found out that her dad was captured. Once they found this out it changed her family's life for good. So, after a long time on the boat, they see land up ahead. When they see the land everyone gets really happy and starts screaming and yelling. The captain of the ship yells at them and tells them to sit down and hush. Then, they reach the land of America. They find out that they are in Alabama. Then they get off the ship. They find an affordable house and start moving right away. After a couple of days in the new home, they decide it's time to go and meet their new neighbors. When they go and meet their new neighbors, all of them slam the doors shut in their faces. This really hurts the family's feelings until they find a lady named Miss Washington . Miss Washington helps the little girl with speech lessons and learning English. When she starts learning the English language she finds out that it's really hard. When she finds this out she wants to give up. So, she goes home from lessons and tells her mom that she is giving up. Then, her mom tells her that she has to continue her lessons so she can learn the lanuge and so that she can do well in school.


The pancakes were a big part in the book because when she went to her new school she gets bullied and they called her pancake face because she had a flat face. Not only do they call her names, but they pull her hair, make fun of her outfits, and they chase her out the school doors. One day she got in a fight with a boy and punched him in the face, but they still bullied her and made her feel bad about herself.