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Join the Smith Garden Club!

Students signed up for Garden Club in the month of September. Any Smith student is welcome to enjoy the garden. Joining the club will allow students to participate in special monthly garden and nature activities during recess. T-shirts were also available that  feature our garden club logo, submitted by Smith alumnus, June Hauser!

2013/14 Garden Club Schedule

October 16 * November 6 * December 4 * January 15 * April 16 * May 14 * June 4

What is a school garden?

It's a place to...

So much to be thankful for!

Our garden was started in 2009 largely by the efforts of parent, Manda Mustaine and her crew of volunteers from the parent community and Ford Motor Company and many, many others, including the staff and students of Smith Elementary.

Parents - is gardening your passion? Sign up to help!

To help with the Garden Club, please contact Jennifer Hetzel or the school office.