Facebook Safety

Staying Safe on the Internet


  • Use a password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Create a password that is difficult for others to figure out
  • Make it easy for you to remember
  • Change your password often
  • Keep your passwords in a secret place that others wont find
  • Don't share your password with your friends

How to create a strong password

Profile Do's

Your profile should have all of the following...

  • Locked settings to private
  • Use an appropriate picture
  • Don't put any personal information such as where you live, your age, and your phone number
  • Have at least one parent or guardian as a friend
  • Have a few family members as friends also

Profile Dont's

Your profile shouldn't have the following...

  • No bad pictures of yourself or others
  • Videos that display inappropriate material or language
  • No statuses that make yourself or others look bad
  • Don't use bad language on your profile

Cyberbullying Through the Internet

Cyberbullying happens a lot through young teens and its a serious problem. Half the time the bullies will go to the internet to bully that one person either through the following things...

  • Facebook Messages
  • Text Messages
  • Saying mean things on Ask.FM
  • Spreading rumors on other Social Media

Don't things like Cyberbullying to others if you don't want it to happen to you.

Facebook Friends

Facebook is one of the many resources to connect with friends that are all over. But some people on Facebook will accept friend requests from people they don't know this can be dangerous! Its dangerous because of the following...

  • The people you don't know can track you and see were you live
  • They can potentially find out your personal information
  • See what school you go to
  • See your other friends and find out their information

Make sure you only accept friend requests from people that you know and not strangers because it could land you in some trouble at one point in your life.