For Sale- Brand New iPad Air!

From only £399.99

Why choose the iPad Air?

The iPad air is not only a new device in the Apple collection but is also a 5 star rating product on the market now!

With two models, four different capacity sizes, an unbelievably lightweight structure and many signature Apple apps and more.

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The iPad Air is available in two colours, - Space Grey and Silver.


We have an optional capacity size to fit your everyday needs perfectly. We range from the size of 16GB all the way to an amazing 128GB.

Size and Weight:

Height: 240 mm

Width: 169.5 mm

Depth: 7.5 mm

Weight: 1 Pound


-Retina Display : -A brand name promoted by Apple which represents:

An liquid crystal display which has a high enough pixel density that it allows the human eye to not notice pixelation (usually seen on images which are zoomed in too much and shows jagged edges and appears as a bad quality) at an average viewing distance.


2048 x 1536

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Power and Battery:

-Built in rechargeable battery (32.4 watt)

-Up to 10 hours of web surfing using Wi-Fi or even watching videos or playing music.


-Via power adapter/ USB connecting to a computer.
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-HD FaceTime Camera

-Face detection

-Backside illumination

-Photo and video geotagging Our amazing device can locate your area providing you have the settings enabled.

Video Recording:

-Face detection

-Tap to focus while recording

-Backside illumination

-Video zoom – 3x

-Video stabilisation – reduces camera movements ‘shake’.

Built-in Apps

Technical Specs


-VoiceOver screen reader

-Guided Access

-Switch Control

-Support for playback of closed-captioned content

-AssistiveTouch - Allows you to still use your device if the lock or home buttons are broken by enabling assistive touch.

-Full-screen zoom magnification - Zoom in and make certain things on the screen bigger.

-Larger type - You can make the text size larger.

-Bold text - You can make the text more bold making it more visible.

-Increase contrast - Changes the screen so that you can see it easier in certain lighting conditions.

-Reduce motion - Changes the transitions and make the screen fad instead of zoom.

-On/Off labels - Shows additional labels making them easier to see.

-Invert colours - Turns the colours negative on the device.

-Left/right volume adjustment - You can adjust the speaker volume on each side.


-Three-axis gyro - The iPad senses movement in gaming, and gives you more precise information.

-Accelerometer - senses movement and gravity

-Ambient light sensor - the screen brightens or darkens depending on how light the room is you are in.

Fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating:

Can be applied to all Apple Products to decrease the scratch and improve the water resistance rate. -May need to be reapplied after a time period.


-Headphones mini-jack on the left side of the device.

-Dual microphones


-Built in Speaker

What is in the box?

-iPad Air

-Lightning to USB Cable- charging lead.

-USB Power adapter- plugs into the wall and the cable is inserted into the USB port to charge the device.

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