Cars in America

how the car symbolizes america

The effect of cars

The car industry had a profound affect on the way that not only the people in the united states view the country but how other people viewed the country as well. Once the car culture exploded it really changed the way people viewed their lives. People started about working to live instead of living to work. The car created a way for people to show off their power, speed and style just while driving around

The quote

Cars are the ultimate symbol of freedom, Independence, and individualism. They offer the freedom to " go anywhere" whenever it suits and with whom you choose.

SARAH REDSHAW, In the Company of Cars

This is what really grabbed everyone's attention because now they had so much more freedom to do thing and to go places they usually wouldn't be able to go. And while they did it they were able to express them selves no only through the way they drive but the way there car looked.

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when and by who the car culture started.

By 1950, most factories had made the transition to a consumer-based economy, and more than 8 million cars were produced that year alone. By 1958, there were more than 67 million cars registered in the United States, more than twice the number at the start of the decade. At this point the car culture had exploded with new and very classic looking cars that are very recognizable today. And this all started when Henry Ford had a goal 40 years earlier that anyone with a good job should be able to afford a car.