Strangest thing that happen to me


Strangest thing that happen to me

In the early morning my Mom and I went outside to fix stuff for the party. My uncle came with my cousin and my other cousin and aunt.My cousin David and I were playing PlayStation modwarfor 3.We got board and went to play outside hide ans Cusioin Isabel went to get in the game too.We only played 10 minutes because my mom didn't want me to get sweaty.

I was having so much fun playing the party still having I thought it’s was going to be fun.I went to go eat McDonald before the party so i can’t en-yo my mom.I like the people my uncle got for the music he did my little sisters.I went to go get plug at the garage.I could not find one there i check once again i saw one.I saw my dog in the house

I told my cousin and big sister to come.I saw my dog Wendy give birth to a puppy we named her lucky charm.I saw my older sister bring the the boy dog grapo to the other side.

I was drowsy we went to tell my mom then I vomit in the bathroom .All of them were born only two of them died because there were born early but one came back to life that was the first one..At the end we named all of them.That's the strangest thing that happen to me.