What is in your genes?

What is the study of Genetics?

Genetics is a branch of Biology that sudies heredity

Who discovered genetics and how did he do this?

Gregor Mendel discovered genteics. He was a monk who lived in Austira.Gregor Mendel discovered genetics by studying pea plants, and there offspring.

Genetic Terms

Punnett Square

Cross Blue Eyes with Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes are dominate and Blue Eyes are recessive.

Big B is Brown, little b is Blue.

The male has Bb

The female BB.

There is a 100% chance the offspring will have brown eyes, 0% chance the offspring will have blue eyes.

There is a 50% chance the offspring will be a carrier of blue eyes.

Incomplete Dominance

Incomplete dominane is when two traits are merged into making a new trait.

an example is crossing a ed flower with a white flower into a making a pink flower


Codominance is equally represented traits that have heterozygous genotypes.

An example is a red and white flower.

Multiple Alleles

Multiple Alleles is an pattern in which traits are controlled by more than two alleles.

Sex-Linked Traits

Sex Liked traits are characteristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes.

An example is the X and Y chromosomes of the 23rd paired chromosomes.