Pre-Calculus Week 9

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Navigate through to get quick reminders about our classroom happenings in the upcoming week! I will be sending a new copy out each Sunday with highlights from the week, helpful tips for families, and any important dates. If you have suggestions for improvement or things you'd like to see in this letter, feel free to send me an email!

A Note from Mrs. Gironda

This week is the end of quarter 1! Hard to believe we've already finished half of the course! Please note the important dates in the reminders section below, including teacher work days and deadlines for late work.

This week is one of my favorites in the whole course, as we are finally working on topics to which the students haven't been previously exposed. This means we can really dive in these concepts as a class, not always have to rely on prior knowledge. It makes the content that much more engaging. It also means we can slow down a bit and spend more time on practice, application, and exploration!

As always, if you need anything or have any questions, email me!

Class Notes!

North Carolina Early Math Placement Test

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 11:30am

Room 332

CCHS will be offering the NCEMPT during POWER for up to 50 students.

"Most high school students that enter a NC community college, the UNC System, or private colleges and universities will be given a mathematics placement test. This test will determine the student's entry level for enrollment in collegiate mathematics. The North Carolina Early Mathematics Placement Testing (NC EMPT) Program better prepares high school students for college mathematics placement, and gives them early warning by having them experience a test that is similar in content to the actual placement test. "

Sign Up Link

Only 50 students can be accepted. First come, first served.

Picture of the Week!

STEM Pre-Calculus debating on different cross sections that occur when you slice a cone. We discovered that (much like the app Fruit Ninja) you can produce a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, or a parabola! We will be studying these 4 conic sections this week!

Tips for Families

Tip #1:

Was your child absent? Did they miss something in their own notes?

Visit the What Did I Miss? page on my website!

You'll find copies of all of our notes from every class here! It's a great way to get caught up or even review!

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Tip #2:

In Pre-Calculus, family members often feel they cannot help their student with homework anymore. This can be incredibly frustrating and defeating for all parties involved.

Never fear! If you would like a content brush up or just a reliable place to send your student when they need a refresher, visit the Pre-Calculus Help page on my website.

You'll find videos that tie directly to the way we do the math in class (because they're all made by me!)

Note: You will need the Educreations app to view these on mobile. It is free!