Sanders' Sunflowers

Classroom Newsletter

Week of February 18-21,2014

Information and Reminders

  • We will continue with the same words as scheduled last week. The class will just begin this Tuesday with the material that would have been used last Tuesday.
  • I hope everyone enjoyed the week off!!
  • I will not be sending home reading response journals this week.
  • The students can buy a heart in honor of someone for the next 2 weeks. The hearts cost $1.00 and the money is being donated to the family of one of our first grade teachers, Mrs. Heather Wilson. Her son , Baby Mac, was born in September with a heart defect. Our school family wanted to support Mac and his family during American Heart month.
  • I am so proud of the progress that the students are making on the 30 addition problems that we have been practicing.
  • We will have our Valentine exchange on Friday, Feb. 21st. This will allow everyone time to purchase a candy gram from the PTO if they would like to.
  • Mrs. Hix is sending in cupcakes and juice for a special snack. We will not have a party or have treat bags this time since the students will already be receiving so much candy in the Valentine cards from friends.
  • The Family Literacy Night has been rescheduled for March 11th. It was previously scheduled on Tuesday, Feb. 18th.

Important Dates

Feb. 18- Candygrams on sale until Friday

Feb. 18- Progress Reports go home

Feb. 21- Daddy/Daughter Dance

Important Connections and Links

This is a direct link to my email and my website. I have also included the school's phone number.


We will be reading a Valentine Chapter Book in class this week: Minnie and Moo Will You Be My Valentine?


- comparing and contrasting characters in a text

- reading and writing contractions

- reading compound words

There will be a spelling and sight word test on Friday this week.

***The students will be using the same words for the sight words and as the spelling words this week. I want the students to be able to read the words but also use them correctly in sentences.***

Sight Words:

1. I've 2. you've 3. she's 4. he's 5. I'll

6. you'll 7. can't 8. didn't 9. you're 10. we're


We will continue practicing addition and subtraction to 10 to build speed and accuracy with math facts. The students will be given a sheet of 30 problems and timed for 2 minutes to increase speed .The class will also begin working on how to solve addition and subtraction word problems and how to measure items using nonstandard measurement. Nonstandard measurement means that we will be using various items to measure with instead of inches or centimeters.

Science/Social Studies

We are learning about symbols that represent America such as the bald eagle, US flag, statue of liberty, George Washington, liberty bell, etc.


Tues. - practice sheet; spelling words

Thurs. - practice sheet; spelling words

Fri. - spelling and sight word test.

The spelling words are not on Spelling City this week since we are reading a chapter book.