Ancient China- Religion

The Three philosophies


The first founder of Daoism is Laozi. He wanted people to give up worldly desires in favor of nature and the Dao.The Dao is known as "The way".Daoism is also a way of life for some people.This has had an influence on life today becuase it shows the importance of nature to people
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The founder of confucianism is confucius. He wanted people to care for their family and community first instead of other things.His idea helped get jobs for people with good ideas of how people can pay more attention to their families.
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This became known as "school of law".A thinker named Hanfeizi was the one who introduced the legalism in 200s b.c . Strict laws and heavy punishments were needed to make people do their jobs. This is important because it created law for them and it had an important part of Ancient China.
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