War of 1812

Dillan Davis

The War of 1812 was the war known as "the second war of independence"

There were a couple reasons and causes that lead to the War of 1812, the first one is Impressment, meaning that they can forcefully put someone in the navy or army. Britain and France went to war "again" in 1803. America declared Neutrality and wanted to trade with both, but neither Britain or France accepted neutrality.

A couple of Battle Regions

The Battle of Baltimore was one Region that the war was fought on. The Battle of Baltimore was where the British navy tried to attack Baltimore but were stopped at Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key was inspired by the battle to write what became the "star-spangled banner" which became the national anthem. British ships retreated and the chesapeake area was saved. The second Region was New Orleans, Britain wanted to capture New Orleans and the Mississippi river to cut off trade. The battle of New Orleans was led by Andrew Jackson, american troops beat the British. This battle made Jackson a national hero and inspired nationalism throughout the country.

The Aftermath

The economy had gotten better, the factories grew during the war and America depended less on British manufacturing. For politics, William Henry Harrison and Andrew jackson became heroes and the federalists looked unpatriotic after the Hartford convention and "died out". International respect America had gotten grew. America had become a world power.