Risks of football:it's not fiction

By Eric Berenshteyn


Imagine you, a star football players not your schools team. One day, when your playing a game one of the players knocks you down and you black out. When you awake you find yourself in a hospital where the doctor tells you you got a concussion and a broken leg. As you can see football can be devastating to athletes both mentally and physically
Football is one of the most dangerous sports out there for kids to play. Kids all around the country have been sent to emergency rooms because of football. In fact roughly 25,000 kids under the age of 19 were sent to the emergency room every year for brain injuries related to football.(Kaufman) Being sent to the emergency room is bad enough, but it gets worse. The brain injuries can lead to a brain disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (C.T.E.). C.T.E is a disease that affects an athletes mental state. Depending on the severity, young athletes have a risk of manifesting symptoms of C.T.E. like major depression, memory loss, suicidal thoughts and action, loss of intelligence as well as dementia later in life (Omalu) all those reasons are bad enough so why do we let our children still play football even with this knowledge. There is even more evidence saying how football and C.T.E are linked. Researchers who have been studying C.T.E have independently confirmed that the play of amateur or professional high-impact contact sports is the greatest risk factor for the development of C.T.E. (Omalu)
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In football concussions and C.T.E aren't all the health risks. Since football is a high-impact contact sport there would be some physical injuries. The author of " why I don't want my son to play football" said I played a year of football as a teenager and in that one season I had more nicks, cuts, bruises, and sprains then a decade of basketball and baseball. (Why I don't want my son to play football) but those were all minor injuries. In foot ball something worse can happen. Athletes who play football are at serious risk of damaging there body's. But in the moment of a torn ACL or something more severe can affects one livelihood. (Kaufman) but those kind of injuries aren't an accident. In football the danger is that head trauma bis a normal part of the game (why I don't want my son to play football
Others argue that there are more benefits the the risks. However there are several reasons to oppose that point of view. First of all, playing football is a gamble. Sure it might be for fun and rewarding but there is still the chance something might go wrong and you'll loose everything. Also there are other sports people can play that have all the benefits of football and not as much risks

Football Can be devastating to athletes both mentally and physically. Athletes all around the U.S who play football are at risk of affecting their everyday lives. We may not be able to stop the play of football but we can try to make it more safe.