Sam's Snacks!

Cookies, goodies, and so much more!

What is Sam's Snacks?

Sam's Snacks is a sole proprietor baking company that sells cookies, cakes, pastries, and other confections. As the sole owner of this company, I decided to make it a sole proprietorship so I could personally oversee all aspects of production and distribution of our goods and be able to make immediate changes based on what the public wants. Additionally, by being the recipient of all profits, I can ensure that the employees are paid properly and investments to improve the overall well being of the company are made.

What Challenges will We Have to Overcome?

As with any sole proprietorship, there are many difficult challenges involved with getting the business off the ground. The biggest one I face at this time is the issue of the raising financial capital needed to open Sam's Snacks. I plan to remedy this with the oldest fundraising tactic in the book: a bake sale! Sam's Snacks will have a booth at each of the monthly festivals the town throws, selling our delicious wares! All funds will go towards helping the bakery off the ground. Come out and support a local business!

What About the Workers?

At Sam's Snacks, all workers will be treated fairly and with respect. However, because of the sheer small size of the business, labor unions will not be permitted. This is done for the survival of the overall company. Even with the special attention to the wages of workers, and as with all sole proprietorships, we cannot compete with the payment of large corporations. However, to us, workers are not just drones. They're real life people with whom we share very deep connections. Because of this, I will have an open door policy with all workers of all levels. Meetings will be held and votes will be taken. Our employees mean so very much to us.

What About the Environment?

As we all know, the environment is an extremely important subject at this time. Sam's Snacks will do its part by keeping the store lit by natural daylight when it is possible, and using low energy lightbulbs when it is not. All or dishware is washable, resulting in less paper waste, and special items on our menu will be made with all organic ingredients.