The Brooklyn Vampire

Story of serial killer Albert Fish

A little to know about him

Albert Fish was in an orphanage where he was abuse a long with other boys . This is when he learned that he liked to be abused and punished . He also liked to watch the other boys when they would get hit.His family was known to have a history of mental illness.


Albert was married with six kids , his wife ended up leaving him and their children.Albert had to take care of his kids on his own.He liked to cause pain on himself and at times would even make his children hurt him.He also liked to eat needles to be a form of punishing himself.


Albert liked to kill children , he would sometimes rape them , kill them and eat them. He said he had over 100 kids that he had interactions with.It is not knowing if he was telling the truth.He would pick out the children he would kill , he would watch all children and pick out his favorite .

Grace Budd

Albert knew the Budd family , one day he visited the family with the intentions of their son being his next victim.Albert was having a chat with the family when Grace showed up sat on his lap and gave him a kiss on the cheek.Albert said "that's when I made the choice that I wanted to eat her ".He makes up a lie to tell the parents so he can take Grace.He kidnaps her , takes her to an old house where it was believed e got naked while grace was picking flowers and he called her into the house where he killed her chopped her up and ate her. It took him 9 days to eat her entire body.
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His falling

Albert sent a letter to the Budd family that eventually led to his capture.He was put on trial and was found guilty.He was sentenced to death by electrocution where they had to do it twice because of the needles he had in his stomach.
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