Calissa Acklie

The captial of Bangladesh is Dhaka

The population is 163,654,860 in 2014

A physical feature is Saint Martin's Island

The Bangladesh flag


  • People were to believed to have settled in Bangladesh in 1000 B.C.
  • In the 13th century the people who controlled Bangladesh were muslims.
  • Before Muslims ruled various Buddhist and Hidus ruled untill A.D. 1204.
  • In 1971 Bangladesh became indepent from Pakistan.

People and Places

  • To the women of Bangladesh jewerly is very important to have in your wardrod.
  • Fathers are respinsible for paying for the childrens education.
  • Dhaka the captiol has over 14 million people living there.
  • To the people of Bangladesh a calm serious face is a sign of maturity.


  • The house in Bangladesh are pretty much like the houses in the U.S.A unless you live in a village and not the city
  • Men & women are not aloud to talk unless they are family members
  • People dont get to choose who they marry there is a ghatak ( matchmaker ) who picks who marries who.
  • The most eaten food there is rice & fish


  • Malaria, cholera, hepatits, and other illnesses cause many death each year.
  • The main ways of transportations are buses, threewheeled motorcycles, and bicycles.
  • Most children only attend school for 5 years only 10% get 12 years of school.
  • Bangladesh is struggling with over population seens the 1970's.

Your Choice

  • Many women suffer from physical abuse from men.
  • Children are supposed to take care of the elder.
  • In Bangladesh you can have more then one wife at onces.