Racheal Ray


Racheal Ray is most known for being a star on Food Network Channel.

Important facts about Racheal Ray

Her first cook book was published in 1998 and sold more than 10,000 copies in less than two weeks.

She help start the food revalosution with her speedy and tasty 30 minute meals.

Racheal Ray knows and makes lots of tasty recipes that are easy to make for the average person.

Important details about Racheal Ray

One of the main items Racheal Ray is most famous for is food. Food is how she got on the Food Network Channel.
Then after she got on the Food Network she was famous and soon got on talk shows.
Soon after she got on Food Network She released a cook book. Witch food network loved and wanted her to have her own show on the Food Network Channel.

Interesting Facts about Racheal Ray

  • Racheal Ray has traveled All over the U.S.A.
  • In 1991 Racheal got a job of working at a candy counter at Macy's Market.
  • The year of 2008 Racheal Ray won a Daytime Emmy award for outstanding talk show.
  • She currently has a friendly PitBull named Isaboo living with her.
  • She published her brand new (at that time) magazine "Every Day with Racheal Ray"in 2005 . (no one has ever published a food magazine before at that time)

Life Lesson

Women can achieve what ever they want to, if they work hard, have the skills and experience to do something unique and be creative.

Racheal Ray

By: Dennis Abrams