Calling All School Leaders

Ever consider being a principal for APS?

RECRUIT APS: Principal Meet and Greet Events

The Divisions of Equity in Learning and Human Resources are pleased to announce the launch of RECRUIT APS! Directors will host several Meet & Greet Events this fall for school leaders who are interested in becoming a Principal in the Aurora Public Schools. Please come and meet a few current principals, along with Human Resources and Learning Community Directors to learn more about our school district and the principal selection process.

Meet & Greet

Monday, Oct. 26th, 4:30-6:30pm

15771 East 1st Avenue

Aurora, CO

Professional Learning & Conference Center

Meet & Greet

Monday, Nov. 16th, 4:30-6:30pm

15771 East 1st Avenue

Aurora, CO

Professional Learning & Conference Center

Principal and Assistant Principal Selection Process 2016

In September, the posting for the general principal pool was advertised on the APS web site as well as on relevant state and national websites. The posting for the general assistant principal pool will be advertised in January.

Candidates interested in principal and/or assistant principal positions in APS must first apply to the APS Principal and Assistant Principal pool. The APS Principal and Assistant Principal hiring process consists of multiple phases.

In most cases, current APS principals or assistant principals interested in a lateral move need to complete an online application and participate in all phases of the pool selection process.

Applications to the APS Principal and Assistant Principal pool will be accepted and screened on an ongoing basis through the winter/spring of 2016. Candidates will be notified of their status at the completion of each phase. If an applicant is not accepted into the pool, they are ineligible for reconsideration until the next hiring season.


Candidates will be expected to submit a complete online application which includes providing a written response to interview questions.

Initial screenings will be conducted by teams consisting of APS principals and administrators from the Divisions of Equity in Learning and Human Resources.

Candidates who are selected will move forward to Phase 2 in the Pool Process.

PHASE 2 – PHONE INTERVIEW (Principal candidates only)

Candidates in Phase 2 will participate in a brief phone interview. Successful candidates from Phase 2 will move forward to Phase 3 in the selection process.


In Phase 3, candidates will participate in a performance assessment, consisting of up to three leadership scenarios, tasks and/or interview questions.

P-20 LC Directors will engage current and former supervisors as references. Other reference activities may include phone calls to candidates’ colleagues, professional organizations contacts, subordinates and community members.

Following Phase 3, successful candidates will be placed in the appropriate pool (Assistant Principal or Principal).


Specific assistant principal and principal vacancies will be posted on the district website.

All pool candidates will be considered for each appropriate vacancy. Candidates may express an interest in a specific vacancy by sending a letter of interest to the Office of Licensed Employment in Human Resources.

Note: The following applies to principal vacancies. The process for assistant principals is similar, but facilitated by the principal and P-20 Learning Community Director. The principal and the

P-20 Learning Community Director determine the selected candidate.


The P-20 Learning Community Director will communicate to the school staff and community that the Principal Selection Process will be engaged and facilitate a staff meeting as well as a Community/PTO meeting. These meetings will identify Quality Standard-based attributes that are priorities for the staff and community as well as to select members for the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will be comprised of:

· Facilitator, P20 Learning Community Director

· Human Resources Director

· Two licensed staff members

· One classified staff member

· Two parents who currently have students at the school and are not staff

· 1-2 students may be committee members at the high school level

The P-20 Learning Community Director will select up to 6 candidates from the pool for a school based interview.

The candidate will participate in a school based interview with the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will recommend 2 - 3 finalists to the P-20 Learning Community Director.


Finalist candidates will participate in a Learning Walk at a similar school facilitated by the P-20 Learning Community Director, one other Equity in Learning Director and one principal at same level.

Finalist candidates will also participate in a Community Forum facilitated by the P-20 LC Director and HR Director, responding to Quality Standards-based questions.

P-20 Learning Community Directors may conduct site visits as part of the reference check process.


The Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer will interview the recommended finalist candidates and make the final selection.