Carbon Footprint Calculator

By: Peyton Bennett

What does it do?

The carbon footprint calculator helps you figure out how much you, or your family as a whole puts out carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

What factors does it include?

The footprint outlines how much you drive, what you drive, what you recycle, how often you fly, your home, and how many people live in your house.

How efficient is my Family?

My family is way below the national average for 5 people households, which is good. We are over the worldwide average though.

How could my footprint change?

Since the footprint is most greatly affected by driving, and where you live, it could drastically change if you moved to a different region of the country. It could also change if you bought a more efficient car.
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After putting in some basic information, the calculator gives you a breakdown of how you can be more efficient in how you live. You could walk more as transportation, you could recycle more, or even just change your light bulbs. I was surprised by all of the things you can do to help the environment.

Pros and Cons of Changing your ways

Changing the way you live to be more efficient can be very costly, like buying a brand new efficient car. That is a con of the situation. As far as pros, it helps you and also keeps the environment safe from an overload of carbon emissions.
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Effects of Changing

In the short term, it may cost more, but will be more efficient.

In the long term, it will lower things like energy bills, so you will eventually get the money you spent in return.

Climate Change

I was surprised to see how much the atmosphere is affected by we, the people, releasing carbon emissions into the air.