Rhino Weekly Connection


Note from Ms. D.

Hello Ryan Families,

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and got to enjoy all of the things that are important to you! It was definitely a bittersweet Thanksgiving for my family, but we enjoyed every minute of our time together. Hard to believe that we only have three weeks of school left in 2022!

In this week's update you will find:

  • Rhino TV Episode 2
  • Penny Wars Results
  • Open Enrollment Events
  • PTA's Dine Out Information
  • Counselor's Corner
  • Attendance Reminder
  • Battle of the Books Information
  • Donation and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Important BVSD & Ryan information and reminders

Take Care,

Mrs. D

School Climate Survey

This week our 2nd-5th graders will be participating in the school climate survey. This is a short online survey students will take that will help us see what students feel are our strengths and areas of growth at Ryan. This is important information that we use in setting goals to ensure all students feel safe and welcome at school. Please see the information below from BVSD with more details about the survey:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school is administering a nationally developed school climate survey from the American Institutes for Research (‘Safe Supportive Learning Survey’ for grades 5-12 and ‘Conditions for Learning Survey’ for grades 2-4). The district selected these surveys to better understand the current climate of schools across the district. The surveys will ask students about their perceptions of school on topics such as student engagement, school environment, and school safety. Surveys will be administered online by the Office of Student Assessment and Program Evaluation in Boulder Valley School District.

Your child will be invited to participate in a survey during regular school hours during the week of November 28th. Once your child logs into the survey, they will be asked what they’d like to do, either take the survey or not. If your child agrees to participate, they will spend about 15 minutes completing the online survey. Your child does NOT have to answer any questions that they do not wish to answer. For younger students, your child’s teacher will read survey questions aloud while students follow along online.

Student responses to the survey will be confidential. Your child’s survey response goes to the Office of Student Assessment and Program Evaluation where staff will delete identifying information and distribute summary results directly to our school. Therefore, no one at our school will know how your child responded to the survey. Your child’s answers will be combined with the answers of other students at our school and across the district to produce reports that will help us better meet the needs of all students to have a safe and engaging learning environment at school.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. D

School Accountability Committee Meeting

Our next School Accountability (SAC) meeting will be Tuesday, December 14th at 5:30 at Ryan. Everyone is welcome!

What is a School Accountability Committee? State and federal governments emphasize the inclusion of families in the educational accountability process. The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a legally-constituted accountability and advisory committee of parent representatives that report to the school principal.

In general, the SAC is a representative advisory team that reviews school budgets, drives school improvements and supports parent engagement. In accordance with BVSD policy, a SAC member from each school shall serve on, and communicate with, the District Accountability Committee (DAC). Please visit the BVSD SAC page for more information.

Rhino TV

Check out Episode 2 of Rhino TV

Penny Wars Fundraiser Results!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our first annual Penny Wars. Fourth Graders are the winning class and has earned an extra recess! We raised $924.63 in coins. That combined with staff donations allowed us to provide grocery gift cards and turkeys to over 20 families in our community.

Thank you Mrs. Lewandowski, Mr. Chavez and to Mrs. Himel and her volunteers who counted all that change!

Open Enrollment Window

BVSD Open Enrollment begins Tuesday, November 1, until Wednesday, January 4 and will be done online.

Open Enrollment events at Ryan Elementary will be:

  • Informational Night on November 29th, 6-7pm
  • Coffee with Admin on December 14th, 7:45-8:45am.

Fifth grade families interested in getting more information about Angevine may join their Open Enrollment events:

Thursday, November 17th at 9-10 am

Tuesday, November 29th 6-7 pm

December 5th 9-10 am

Please contact AMS (720.561.7100) for more information.

For other BVSD Middle School Open Enrollment Tours and Information click here.

Current KG through 4th grade Ryan students do not need to do anything for their enrollment for next school year, so long as they have not moved out of the Ryan attendance area this school year. All KG through 4th grade Rhinos who are currently OE'd to Ryan or living in the attendance area will automatically roll-up for next school year. If you have moved out of the Ryan attendance area this school year, or know you're going to, and wish to have your child remain at Ryan, you will need to register for Open Enrollment. Questions? Reach out to Jamie Hanes at 720.561.7007 OR jamie.hanes@bvsd.org.

PTA Update

Dining Night Out

Our next Dining Night Out will be at MOD Pizza in Lafayette on Wednesday, December 7!

MOD Pizza will donate 20% of all digital and in-store sales on December 7, 2022. Just visit the restaurant and mention the fundraiser at checkout, or order online with the digital coupon code MODF16735.

Take a night off from cooking while supporting Ryan!

PTA Community Meeting

Our next community meeting will be on Wednesday, December 14 at 6:30pm. Join us in the Ryan library to hear Mrs. D talk about social-emotional learning at Ryan, including the return of Ryan Families! Childcare and pizza will be provided for kids. All members of the Ryan community are welcome!

Email PTA Board

PTA Website

PTA Facebook

November Counseling Corner

Gratitude is an attitude that helps us see and celebrate all the good around us. It’s being thankful for what we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t have. When you share your gratitude, you can make yourself and others happier. In the November Counseling Corner learn more about how to cultivate this superpower in your family as well as ways to practice gratitude this month!


We understand sometimes our students need to be out for an extended period of time, we encourage you to be in touch with your child's teacher as students are responsible for making up missed work upon their return. BVSD policy requires that after 10 absences all absences are marked as unexcused without a doctor's note. If you know your child will be out for more than 3 days or longer, please fill out this form and contact the attendance line at 720-561-7002.

Battle of the Books Information

The 2022-2023 Battle of the Books List is now available! Battle of the Books is a quiz bowl style competition for students in 3rd-5th grade. You can read more here! If your child is interested in Battle of the Books, please sign them up using this form.

Art Donations

Mrs. Ross is requesting some large flattened cereal boxes for some fun art projects, please bring them in to the office if you have any!

Health Room Donations

Please send your child with a water bottle and healthy snacks everyday.

The Health Room is asking for snack donations to help provide a snack to those students who forget or are not able to bring one from home.

We are also now accepting boys athletic pants sizes 8-12 and girls leggings sizes 8-12.

Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a fun, simple way to get involved within the Ryan community. We have all sorts of opportunities to get involved. Whether you volunteer regularly in your teacher’s classroom or the office copy room or just as needed, the impact can be huge. Not only does it benefit the school but it benefits your kids and families in our community as well! Please take a moment to fill out the background check through raptor: https://www.bvsd.org/parents-students/get-involved/volunteers and click here to see what opportunities we have available Help at School

We appreciate your help! Thanks!

School Safety Drills: What to expect

In the Boulder Valley School District, student safety is a top priority and our security team has developed measures to protect students and staff and respond effectively in the event of an emergency. In support of these safe practices, all BVSD schools participate in safety drills each semester. Drills are an excellent opportunity to practice not only the prepared protocols, but to consider actions for different, unplanned situations.

Schools conduct drills each semester that include Fire, Evacuation, Secure, Lockdown, Shelter and Hold. These drills are conducted with the support of BVSD security and emergency services personnel.

Learn more about BVSD Safety Drills>>

RSV Update from BVSD

Fall Respiratory Illness Season Reminders

Colorado is seeing an increase in respiratory illnesses in children across the state. As the temperatures drop and we spend more time indoors these viruses spread more easily.

There are actions we can continue to take to keep ourselves and our families healthy from all communicable diseases such as Colds, RSV, Flu and COVID-19.

  1. Please stay home if sick

    1. At least 24 hrs after you’ve had a fever, vomiting or diarrhea (resolved without medications)

    2. If you have multiple symptoms such as coughing, congestion, aches, sore throat - stay home until they start to improve

    3. Follow the school guidelines for returning - students AND staff

  2. Get tested - testing is available for COVID, Flu and RSV

  3. Practice good hand and respiratory hygiene

    1. Cover your cough

    2. Dispose of tissues immediately

    3. Wash or sanitize your hands

  4. Talk to your healthcare provider about vaccines for Flu and COVID-19

  5. Consider wearing a mask indoors for added protection

Quick Check Resource - Is it Allergies, Cold, Flu, COVID or RSV

Children’s Hospital Colorado has more detailed information on symptoms, duration and treatment options here: The Difference Between COVID-19, Cold, Flu and Other Bugs Affecting Kids

If your child is showing any of these signs it is important to call your provider:

  • Your child develops any complications such as an earache, sinus pain or pressure, or develops fever after the first two or three days.

  • Any fever lasting more than 3 days.

  • Your child is drinking much less or not urinating (peeing)

  • The cough lasts more than 3 weeks.


Información sobre la temporada de enfermedades respiratorias

Colorado está viendo un aumento en enfermedades respiratorias en niños en todo el estado. A medida que las temperaturas bajan y pasamos más tiempo en ambientes cerrados, estos virus se propagan más fácilmente.

Estas son acciones que podemos continuar realizando para mantener a nuestras familias y nosotros mismos saludables de todas las enfermedades transmisibles como resfriados, RSV, gripe y COVID-19.

  1. Por favor quédese en casa si está enfermo(a)

    1. Al menos 24 horas después de haber tenido fiebre, vómitos o diarrea (resueltos sin medicamentos).

    2. Si tiene múltiples síntomas como tos, congestión, dolores, dolor de garganta: quédese en casa hasta que empiece a mejorar.

    3. Siga las directrices escolares para regresar a clases para los estudiantes Y TAMBIÉN para el personal.

  2. Hágase la prueba: hay pruebas disponibles para COVID, la gripe y RSV.

  3. Practique una buena higiene de las manos y de las vías respiratorias.

    1. Cúbrase la boca al toser.

    2. Deseche los pañuelos inmediatamente.

    3. Lávese o desinféctese las manos.

  4. Hable con su proveedor de atención médica sobre las vacunas contra la gripe y el COVID-19.

  5. Considere usar una máscara en ambientes cerrados para protección adicional.

Recurso de verificación rápida - ¿Es una alergia, resfriado, gripe, COVID o RSV? (en inglés)

Children’s Hospital de Colorado tiene más información detallada sobre los síntomas, su duración y opciones de tratamientos aquí: La diferencia entre COVID-19, un resfriado, la gripe y otros virus que afectan a los niños (en inglés)

Si su niño(a) está mostrando alguno de estos síntomas, es importante llamar a su proveedor de atención médica:

  • Su niño(a) desarrolla cualquier complicación, como dolor de oídos, dolor o presión en los conductos nasales, o desarrolla fiebre después del segundo o tercer día.

  • Cualquier fiebre que dure más de 3 días.

  • Su niño(a) está tomando mucho menos agua, o no está orinando.

  • La tos dura por más de 3 semanas.

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminders

Just a few reminders for drop off/pick up:

Please be kind to school staff members who are implementing the rules to help ensure everyone's safety! Remember, all adults are models for our students so we ask that you follow all safety rules while on school property.

  • There is no supervision in the mornings until 7:35. We ask that students do not arrive on school grounds prior to then.
  • The bus lane is for buses only. Please utilize the parking lot hug & go for dropping students off.
  • When students are dropped off, please walk around the front of the building to the playground and classroom doors. There is no supervision in the back of the building.
  • Please do not cut through the parking lot near the playground. It is blocked off for safety. We are observing many families cut through the chains/barricades to get through.
  • Only cross the street at the cross walk.
  • Please be mindful of our school neighbors, observe no parking signs, and be respectful of their property.
  • Wednesday Before School Care: please come to the front doors of the school with your child to sign them in with the supervision staff. Due to limited staff and a safety, students arriving after 7:50 will not be able to attend.
  • As much as we love all of your cute dogs and pets, we ask that they are kept at home during drop off and pick up.
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SAC Update

SAC is seeking a SAC Assistant Supervisor to be able to accept additional families on the waitlist here at Ryan Elementary. Please share this application link with any possible interested candidates for application

Classroom Celebrations

We love celebrating students and their birthdays here at Ryan!

Please be sure to send in healthy, store bought snacks or non-food items. Birthdays are celebrated each week over the intercom and students come to the office to get a birthday prize.

5th Grade Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is in full swing for our 5th graders every Monday and Thursday! Please ensure your 5th grade musician's success by helping them remember their instruments each Monday and Thursday. Things can get crazy in the office, our delivery team might not always make out into the building to get instruments to students.

No Phone use by STUDENTS during school

Students are not permitted to call/text during school.

Please remind your students that if they are not feeling well or need to urgently contact a parent, to please visit the office and we will help them.

Opt Into BVSD Text Messages/¡Opta por recibir mensajes de texto del BVSD!

The benefits of BVSD text messages:

  • Receive alerts during a crisis

  • Receive important reminders

Emails can get buried in your inbox; text message alerts make sure you receive timely information from the district.

Text the word "Yes" to 67587 from your phone to opt into text messaging.


Los beneficios incluyen:

  • Recibir alertas durante una crisis

  • Recibir recordatorios importantes

Los correos electrónicos son fáciles de perder en tu bandeja de entrada. Recibir alertas por mensaje de texto garantiza que recibirás información del distrito de manera oportuna.

Textea la palabra "Yes" por mensaje de texto al 67587 para recibir textos del distrito.

New Bullying Reporting Process/Nuevo proceso para reportar intimidación o acoso escolar (bullying)

Last school year the Board of Education updated its policies around bullying, and investigating complaints around bullying (See Policy JDHB / JDHB-E). To make the reporting process as easy as possible for victims of bullying, the district has created a single form to make a bullying report.

Once submitted, the school principal will be notified of your submission and will promptly begin to investigate the complaint. Parents/guardians can then expect to receive a report of this investigation. You can make a bullying report using the form on the Help for Students page which is also linked at the top of our school website. Paper copies will also be available in our/ your school’s front office.

El año pasado el Consejo de Educación actualizó sus políticas sobre el acoso o intimidación escolar y la investigación de reportes de incidentes de intimidación o acoso escolar (refiérase a la Política JDHB / JDHB-E>). Para hacer que el proceso sea lo más fácil posible para las víctimas, el distrito creó un formulario único para reportar incidentes de acoso o intimidación escolar.

Después de completarla, el director de la escuela será notificado del reporte e inmediatamente comenzará una investigación del incidente. Los padres y tutores legales recibirán un informe sobre la investigación. Use el formulario en la página de Ayuda para los estudiantes para completar un reporte sobre un incidente de acoso o intimidación escolar. El documento también está disponible sobre el encabezado de nuestro sitio web.También hay copias impresas en las oficinas principales de las escuelas.

RevTrack Changes/Cambios en RevTrak

BVSD has implemented a centralized RevTrak web store (system used to collect fees) for all BVSD schools. Note for current BVSD parents: You will have to create a new login when using the system for the first time. Learn more about the benefits of this change and how to set up your account.

El BVSD ha implementado una tienda web RevTrak centralizada (sistema utilizado para cobrar tarifas) para todas las escuelas del BVSD. Nota para los padres actuales del BVSD: Deberá crear un nuevo inicio de sesión cuando utilice el sistema por primera vez. Obtenga más información sobre los beneficios de este cambio y como configurar su cuenta.

If you have any questions please be sure to reach out!