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Sports coaches help people participating in sports to work towards achieving their full potential. They may support professional sportspeople, sports teams, community teams or school groups, working with them closely to improve performance. They may also have a role in encouraging underrepresented groups or young people to participate in sporting activities.

Activities we include

Evaluating performance and providing suitable feedback, balancing criticism with positive and motivating comments, Assessing strengths and weaknesses in a participant's performance and identifying areas for further development and Adapting to the needs and interests of the group or individual participant etc.


Typical starting salaries for newly qualified sports coaches working for local authorities range from £15,000 - £25,000, depending on location and qualifications.. Typical salary range for senior coaches employed by National Governing Bodies (NGBs) or professional sports clubs: £30,000 - £35,000.Experienced coaches working at the highest level have the potential to earn in excess of £100,000

Sports coach entry requirements

Relevant degree and HND/foundation degree subjects include sports science, health science, sport coaching and sports management. While relevant academic qualifications may provide a useful background, you can only become a qualified coach by gaining the appropriate coaching qualification offered by the National Governing Body (NGB) of your chosen sport. Some higher education sports-related courses offer the opportunity to gain coaching qualifications in conjunction with the academic degree programme. Progress as a sports coach is impossible without these, even if you have a sports-related degree. Sport governing bodies have differing levels of qualifications corresponding to S/NVQ Levels 1-4