Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By: Ryan Vetter

Feature Story


Football is a complicated sport. It was invented a long long time ago. The field is 120 yards long by 53.3 yard wide. There are two teams with eleven players on each team. The first football game was played in 1869. There is a once a year trophy that is given to a NCAA player. There is a National Football League and a college football. You have 4 tries to get to the touchdown. The football players usually have 9 pads, consisting of a helmet, shoulder pads, two thigh pads, a tailbone pad, two hip pads, and two knee pads. A touchdown is 6 points, but you can go for and extra point (PAT) or a two point conversion. You can get points by getting a touchdown, or making a field goal. There is a Super Bowl every year where the two best NFL teams play each other for the Lombardi Trophy or a Super Bowl ring.

Nursery Rhyme

Goldilocks on the Run

One day in the morning of fall, three bears woke up to a cool breeze. Mama Bear, a big nice black bear likes to help other animal friends; Papa Bear, a big black bear that all the other animals respect; and Baby Bear, a stuck up stubborn bear that doesn't like to socialize that much got a phone call from Mrs. Beaver. She called to see if the three Bears wanted to come see her new baby beaver, Timmy. On that same day, Goldilocks, a mean, stubborn, stuck up girl who desen’t like people, wanted to go for a walk. She saw the Bears house and wanted to see if they were home, so she could see how beautiful their house was. She knocked to see if they were home and nobody answered. She knocked again, but then the door came open and she started looking in their house. When she got inside, she saw that they had a large funnel cake, and as Goldilocks began to get hungry, she started eating the large funnel cake. Then after eating so much, she got tired and saw Baby Bear’s bed. When the Bears got home, Goldilocks heard the door, and she ran home as fast as she could before they ate her.

Movie Review

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

This movie is rated PG-13. This movie take place in Gotham City in 2012. It is a story of a villain that goes to Gotham City that tries to terrorise the city with a nuclear bomb. He gave a random person(so he says) the detonator to the nuclear bomb. While Bane(Tom Hardy) leads an army full of, prisoners and bad people, Fox (Morgan Freeman) develops a new supercar and hovercraft to defeat Bane. When the governor sends all the police officers into the tunnels a detective finds out that they have packed the cement with explosives and the police get trapped underground. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) suits up one last time to try to defeat Bane.

Important Casts:

Bruce Wayne, Batman: Christian Bale

Bane: Tom Hardy

Selina: Anne Hathaway

Fox: Morgan Freeman

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman VS Talia - Chasing The Convoy East - Part 2 [HD 1080p]


Homework should be eliminated because it creates stress on students. Too much stress can create acne and students can be crabby. Most kids don't do homework and they have to stay after for a detention. Most kids have a sport right after school, so they can't serve those detentions. Homework takes time out of their schedule and for me it's football, homework, eat and then go to bed. I don't have any time to do anything else. Homework causes me to miss family time and other activities with friends.


Ryan went to high school at Norfolk Public Senior High. He has brown hair but is getting some gray hair. He participated in Football and basketball at high school. Ryan went to college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and majored in math and science. He played for the Nebraska Huskers and was starting running back and got drafted to the New York Giants and was starting running back. His first job was working at the Huskers stadium earning $50,000 a year. Ryan got married and had 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl. He lives in Hollywood acting in movies and making 1 billion dollars a day. Ryan golfs, plays football, plays basketball, coaches his son’s football team, and coach his son’s basketball team. In the future he will travel around the world in his own helicopter that he owns and can fly.

Favorite App

Vine is a social media app that let’s users watch seven second videos and interact with their friends and the community. Vine is my favorite app because I find a lot of funny videos on Vine. My friends use Vine and we can do cooperative videos. Vine will let you use effects and will let you laugh every day. Vine was originally designed by Twitter and was only for iPhones, but later on in June, 2012, they made it available for all iOS devices.