Greatness is for everybody!

Counselor Connection Volume 4 2015-2016

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Greatness Words

At Oakes Elementary School, we have introduced greatness words of the week. The word this week is Self-Control. In the classroom, Mr. Paulus is showing two videos and then reading the book "Nurture My Heart." The students are then prompted after Mr. Paulus says, "Always remember" they say "Greatness is for everybody." Each week the students will watch a slideshow that focuses on the greatness word of the week.

Here is how you can notice your child's greatness of self-control.

1. I notice you walking in the hallway, I notice you sitting in your desk, I notice your hands and feet are at your side...that shows the greatness of self-control and I am always noticing your greatness.

Greatness Wall

Draw or write about your own greatness.

You will notice each wing has a greatness wall with the greatness word of the week. Each student this week and next will write or draw about their greatness. Ask your child to see their greatness picture posted on the wall at the end of the week.
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