Lumber River Basin

By: Madi Smith & Corey Smith


The Lumber River Basin is the headwaters of the Little Pee Dee river and also four district river systems that include the Lumber river and the Waccamaw River.
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How Long Is It?

It is 2,247 miles long of streams and rivers.


The population is 472,276

Five Important Places

1) Lumber River State park

2) Lake Waccamaw State park

3) Little Pee Dee River

4) Richmond County

5) Georgetown

Non-Point/Point Sources

Non-Point sources in this river basin include runoff from animal lots on farms and malfunctioning sewage systems. Point sources in this river basin include household chemicals and power plants.
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Solutions For Non-Point/Point Sources

We can fix the non-point sources by fixing the sewage systems so we don't get sick from it and reducing the use of water on farms. For the Point sources we can reduce the use of household chemicals and the use of water at our houses and water on land.