Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

September 19,2014

What we are delving into next week...

Math: We will be continuing our place value unit this week. Students will learn to represent a number 3 ways-using standard, written, and expanded form. Students will learn multiple strategies to determine whether a number up to 40 is even or odd. Students will learn how numbers are represented on a number line. We will locate the position of a given whole number on a number line, as well as, name the missing point on the line.

Reading: This week we will introduce the word plot to our reading vocabulary. We will analyze the plot of two different versions of a folktale, paying close attention to the major events in the beginning, middle, and end. We will analyze the problem and solution in these stories, as well. Finally, we will communicate the plots of our independent reading books to our classmates through partner talk and sharing times.

Writing: We will be continuing our writing workshop. We will be working on dictionary skills. We will also be writing about “The kindest thing you have ever done.” as our weekly prompt. We will continue to stress capitalization, punctuation, and real writer’s write legibly.

Social Studies: Texas our Texas! This week students will identify the state symbols, as well as, identify and explain the significance of various community, state and national landmarks. Using stories, poems, statues, and paintings students will connect the significance to our local cultural heritage.


Next week is Education Go Get It Week!

The “dress up days” for next week is requested to bring awareness and to promote higher education! Put this on your refrigerator as a reminder!

Monday-Wednesday - Wear “college gear” to bring awareness to as many colleges as we can-

Thursday - Dress for Success Day: dress as what you want to be when you grow up-

Friday - School Pride: Wear your Sommer gear-


If your K-2 student would like to join a Destination Imagination team this year, please complete the online enrollment form on the link below. Enrollment will depend on whether there is an adult manager able to manage a team, and team meeting times will be coordinated through the team's manager. K-2 Rising Stars teams may have up to 8 team members, and an ideal number of team members would be 5-7. Send an email if you have questions.


Signups for chess and robotics are online.

Chess for 1st - 5th grade will meet on MONDAYS. See website for details.

Last day to signup for chess is Sept 19th, 2014. Absolutely no exceptions since this is a large group and we cannot accommodate a constantly expanding group.

Robotics for 3rd - 5th grade

will meet on TUESDAYS. See website for details.

Two sessions of 21 spots each.

Please read website for information before emailing sponsoring teacher.


Math Super Stars kicks off Friday, September 26! Check out the link for more information!!

What is going on!

· Community Circle was today. We talked about things that are awesome in our class, and things that bug us. We talked about what a good classmate does, acts, and talks like. We also read a pirate story, told a few pirate jokes, and talked and laughed at each other for awhile.

· Library is Monday, students should return their books from last week to check out two fresh new books!

· Homework due Monday, Sept. 22nd and new homework will be assigned.

· Book orders are Due September 29th. Please order some fresh books for your child. Let’s get their reading level higher! Lots’ of easy reading, makes reading easy!


Hard Back children’s dictionaries you can order from scholastic or you can pick one up at Mardel’s.


Wednesday, Sept. 24 - Early Release at 12:45

E-Back pack


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

Have a great Weekend!