September 21, 2021

"Where it's always a good day to be a Bison!"

News from Mrs. Marlatt!

We are very excited to have calmer arrival and dismissal times at our school. Commerce City Police Department came to help, and they will return at random times to help reenforce our rules. Here they are again:
  • Please leave the handicap parking for those with handicap licenses.
  • Please obey the cones! They are there for everyone's safety! Please do not go around them. Be patient.
  • The front of the school is not for parking. It is a "hug and go" lane, and buses must be able to drive through in order to pick up students.
  • If you drive the inner circle PLEASE don't let you child out until you have turned into the parking area.
  • Many parents park on the side streets and walk over to our school to either drop off or pick up students. This is a safe option.

We want all parents, staff and especially children to be safe in our parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation!

I apologize for the inconsistency of our BisoNews. It was a rough start with me at home recovering from Covid. We also had a few technology hiccups . My intention is to send the BisoNews to you via the dialer and Facebook on the 1st and 3rd week of every month. If there is a need due to important news, we will send one outside those dates. Otherwise, please plan on the BisoNews coming to you twice a month, around 5 pm.

Please enjoy our Bison Strong Parade (Safety) below. Our behavior focus for October is TEAMWORK. We will have a digital parade after each behavior focus. How can you reinforce the behavior focus of teamwork at home? When parents collaborate with what we do here at school, students have better chances at internalizing the learning.

Thank you for sharing your children with us each and every day!

Mrs. Marlatt

Safety Parade

We Are Hiring!

We have several jobs open at Second Creek:

  • Full Time Kindergarten Teacher
  • Full Time Interventionist Teacher
  • 3 full time instructional paraprofessionals
  • 1 full time custodian

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested, please go to our district website: work@27J

Fall Parent Survey

Please click on the link and help us with your feedback! Survey closes on 10/28.

Important Dates:

  • Picture Day - 9/29
  • October Day - 10/01
  • End of First Quarter - 10/08
  • Scholastic Book Fair - 10/08 through 10/15
  • Bison Stampede Fundraiser - 10/22
  • Halloween Celebration - 10/29

Scholastic Book Fair

Second Creek will be holding a Book Fair this year (October 8th-October 15.) Kids can visit the fair, which will be set up in the teacher's lounge. Parents can visit the online fair and purchase books for their kids.

This year more than ever, we need your help! Our school library is being used as classrooms, and we have no access to our beautiful books. How can parents help?

  • Contact your classroom teacher and donate so he/she can add to their classroom libraries.
  • Volunteer for the fair (sign up through the link above)
  • Did you know that reading 20 minutes a day with your child is the best investment a family can make in their future? Research shows that children who read 20 minutes per day do better in school. The Book Fair is one way to get books in the hands of your student!

Thank you PTO!

Students had a great time eating donuts and having a dance party on Friday! We are so blessed to have a strong PTO who cares for our kids and are always willing to do something terrific for them. The donuts and dance party were a wonderful boost to a busy week. Will you consider joining this amazing group of parents? We could use your help!

Thank you PTO!


Parents, we start our learning at 7:50am. It is very important that your student is here and ready to start the day at 7:50am.

Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Connections (Conferences)

At Second Creek, we enjoy interacting with our parents and guardians. We believe you know your child best and we grow a lot from interacting with you! We believe that ongoing communication with parents is the best way to support student leaning.

You will hear from your classroom teacher as he/she connects with you about your child's leaning. If you have met with your child's teacher, or had a recent IEP meeting to support your child, you might not need an additional meeting. Your classroom teacher will be in touch. All connections will be online or by phone this year, as we continue to try and minimize Covid exposures. Let the celebration of leaning begin!

October Count is Coming!

We are two short weeks away from October 1st. This is an important date for all schools and it happens every year. Our school funding is determined by how many students attend on October 1st. This year, October 1st is a Friday. It is very important that all students are present that day. We have more students than anticipated, but we will not be able to enjoy the extra funding unless students are present when we do attendance. We appreciate your support in getting your student here on time everyday, but especially on October 1st.

What Will Teachers Learn this Week?

Our learning focus this week is data. We believe in this cycle: we gather student data, analyze student data, create action plans in order to foster student growth based on the data and check to see if our actions had a positive affect on student leaning growth. This cycle happens every 2 weeks. We believe this cycle will help our students grow as learners as teachers become better at the action steps.