P&E Warning

(Panic and emergency warning)

New application to report accidents, fire and theft . redirecting the warning to the charge entity and locating the staff more close to the event to be atendid


  • The application uses the device location system and going to send an alarm signal with the location to the nearest staff.

  • With this application could avoid theft, it could react more effectively in the event of fire and accidents.

  • It's best you do not need to have internet connection to run, works by sending text messages SMS (short Mesagge Service)

  • compatible with android, iphone, blackberry and windows phone .
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use mode

  • You should register in the database , providing verifiable data to avoid false alarms

  • You should set a personal pattern for the device to recognize it and sent the alarm signal in case of theft.

  • To report accidents or fires should access the application and select the type of event

Steps to download and install the application

  1. Go to the download manager device (Play Store, App Store, App World, Market Place)
  2. Search P & E Warning ( Panic and emergency warning )
  3. download and install

  4. Register and wait for the call confirmation .