Adversities to success

By: Haylee Folkers

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is something good, i think its more in your thought process then actions. If you are going through tough times you need to have positive thoughts. Good friends is a good way to get through some adversities like depression,divorce, or bullying.

Kid President

Kid President is very inspirational, he encourages kids his age or older to take the right path in life. Take the high road not the low road. He is an inspirational person to other people because he doesn't want you to be sad and lead a bad life. He wants you to be a leader for other people and tell them that something awesome awaits for you, just keep on going and never give up.

I think the filter they used in the video was good for this video, it was a dark but things popped out like the trees and the football field. The football background really caught my attention because inspirational video normally don't have a theme { meaning the background} and the angles of the camera were amazing and it fit very well with the video.

You dont have to live a miserable life. Even if bad events happen you will eventually persevere through them and live life to the fullest. You have to choose the road that you think will lead you to happiness because everyone deserves happiness.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was very self conscious. She was often called names like ugly, she was also a very lonely child. Her family didn't really care for her and her father was an alcoholic. Her parents wanted a boy; they didn't get what they wanted so throughout childhood she was lonely and took care of herself (she still lives in the same house as her family. There has been a lot of tragedies in her live but somehow she persevered through it. Her mom died when Eleanor was only 8. Later on her dad, and brother died. She later on married her cousin her cousin Teddy Roosevelt who became president of the United States. Everything seemed to just fine. Eleanor had 6 kids and a rich husband. When the 6th one was born it died shortly after it was born. Eleanor helped raise money for the Red Cross for people that needed homes or was injured but didn't have money to afford surgeries or broken bones. She devoted her life to helping other and working with kids and telling them stories from her past. Her husband Franklin Roosevelt became president of the United States; around 1905 this was happening and she became First Lady. Her husband retired and he became paralyzed.

Leroy and Derion

Lebroy and Derion have been by eachothers sides forever. They both have tragic stories. Lebrons clothing got caught on a train track and his legs got ran over by a train. Derion was born legally blind. In high school they played wrestling. Lebroy couldn't walk so Derion would always carry out Lebron for matches. They were inseparable until they went to college. Lebron became a father and Derion became a taekwondo fighter. He was accepted to go into the olympics, and he won 3rd place. Lebroy flew out to see him compete and was his biggest supporter. Lebron on the other hand stayed behind and took care of his lovely daughter and he wanted always be there for her and makes sure she is safe at all time.

Lebroy and Derion didn't come from a very safe or wealthy families. Derion had no one and was struggling every night to find food and a place to stay and when you live in a poor unsafe area it's 20 times harder. Lebroy lives with his grandmother. He didn't have a mom or dad that cared for him. 2 years later they are in a much better place thanks to all the people that raised money them both to go to college and have a great life. With all of our support they couldn't have done it without us.
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Over All

All of these people that we may know faced major adversities in life. Anywhere from racism, publicly speaking, war, and baseball, these things changed history. But the people that made those changes...the people that stood out we recognize the most, for who they are and being spacial people in our history.