by Josh Sutton

What is Petroleum and how do we use it

Petroleum also referred to as oil is a fossel fuel found in the ground. We use petroleum as a fuel around the world. We use oil for many things like fueling are cars. 2/3 of Americas oil consumption is used for are cars, trucks and other vehicles that we uses daily. We also use oil for electricity, lubricants and plastic for things like the phones that most people have by this age.

Is petroleum a renewable resource

Petroleum is not a renewable resource however it is very efficient. We have enough petroleum to last us aout 200 years.

What are some advantages of using petroleum

Petroleum has alot of advantages to using it. One is that we already know how to use and extract it since we have doing it for a while now. Another is things like cars are already made to use it so we wouldnt have tomake some big switch for everything. Another is that it's a very efficient fuel source unlike things such as biomass.
Environmental Impact of Oil Industry

Where do we get our oil from

We get our oil from underground by pumping it out. It is called crude oil but we need to change it. We send it to refineries so it can be refined and used.(all charts i found were about what countries)

What are some uses and products of petroleum

  • Petroleum is mostly used for fuel but can be used for some other things
  • Gasoline 46%
  • Diesel Fuel1 18%
  • Jet Fuel (Kerosene) 8%
  • Propane/Propylene 6%
  • NGL & LRG2 6%
  • Still Gas 4%
  • Residual/Heavy Fuel Oil 3%
  • Petrochemical Feedstocks 2%
  • Heating Oil3 2%
  • Petroleum Coke 2%
  • Asphalt and Road Oil 2%
  • Lubricants 1%
  • Miscellaneous Products & Unfinished Oils 0.4%
  • Special Naphthas 0.1%
  • Aviation Gasoline 0.1%
  • Kerosene 0.1%
  • Waxes 0.04%
  • Who uses petroleum

    Bsiacally anyone who drives a car with a few exceptions. So mostly modernized countries and that includes us.

    How does it help individuals groups and communities

    It affects individuals groups and communities because basically everywhere in the US uses cars or planes or something of that sort for transportation.

    How much oil do we produce and consume