Yuan Shu Ying

Interviewed by Jackson

Her life when she was little

My grandma told me that when she was little she needed to study hard and work to earn money for her family. They didn’t have things like we did now and not that much of some of the modern technology stuff. When she is 18 years old she worked in a place where they make bricks. She always got her hand hurt. They don’t have very good medicine, so they still got scared. Also they don’t have money to buy medicine so people died from that, too. She also told me that even though people are very old they still need to work, because they don’t have money to feed their family. And in the school they don’t have a smart board all they have is a chalk board. The teacher was very mean and when you don’t listen they hit you with this ruler that it will hurt a lot.

She said when she was 18 she need to go out very far to work. At her time when you are 18 you can go out of your home and work somewhere else and my grandma send money back home to help her family. She said it’s easy to find job but now it’s hard to find workers to work for you if you own a company.

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