Roman Roads & Aqueducts

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Roman Roads:

The Romans were famous for their roads. Some Roman roads still exist to this day...2000 years later! Rome made a great deal of money from trade in Europe. Some of this trade involved transport by sea. More frequently, the Romans used roads. Also with so much of Western Europe conquered by the Romans, the Romans needed roads to move their troops around quickly. Poorly built roads would not help this. The Romans built their roads with layers of stone. About fifty thousand miles of road connected to Rome. In some parts of Europe, vehicles still drive on freeways built over Roman roads.
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The Romans were the greatest builders for roads, bridges and aqueducts in the ancient world. All though Romans were not the one to have had invented the Aqueduct. Romans were the ones to learned the technique and they did improve it. They created a system of of aqueducts for Rome.The aqueducts brought water from about sixty miles away to the homes of the wealthiest citizens, as well as to the city's public baths and fountains. The water system in Segovia, Spain, still uses part of the ancient Roman aqueduct.
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