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November 2022


It's hard to believe it's November, especially with the beautiful warm weather we have had!! As I have visited our classrooms this month I have been so impressed with the way that our teachers, paraprofessionals and therapists go above and beyond every day to engage our students. You might be wondering what that means, to me it means taking a lesson that may be a discussion and making it an experience for students for example: students in our TEAP program in Wrentham learned about the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then held their own parade for their families to share what they learned, other examples include students at AMS finding ways to illustrate our Positive Thursday Messages. I think it's also important to mention that staff going above and beyond for our students comes through not only in academic lessons but also in their relationships with students. I often see staff working with students who are having a very difficult time; in the moment, students can be resistant to the support being given and everyday I see staff hang in with the student anyway. You wouldn't be wrong if you said "that is their job" , however, I believe it takes special people to be able to do these things for our kids day in and day out. During this season of giving thanks, I am truly grateful that we have amazing staff in all roles across the Collaborative who believe in "making it possible" for our students. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!

Happenings Around the Collaborative


BICO-Mansfield students began inclusion at the Library with some preschool peers! They used their switches to greet, comment and choose books. We all had a lot of fun!

SEAP : Plainville

SEAP Wood is enjoying art and reflecting on giving people in our lives! Students also took part in their Tradition Celebration, celebrating annual family traditions that they participate in. Students brought in a favorite food to share with the class. All students enjoyed trying new foods!

TEAP : Plainville

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our own Thanksgiving Feast. The students planned the menu and prior to eating shared what they were thankful for this year.

TEAP : Blackstone

The TEAP-Blackstone program enjoyed having our November Mystery Reader! The students listened intently and laughed loudly while, A Book with No Pictures, by B.J. Novak was read aloud to them. Students then created their own book with no pictures or words. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Figuera for joining us this month!

TEAP : Wrentham

TEAP Wrentham hosted a Thanksgiving Festival for families and leadership to join them as they presented their Turkey inspired work that included Turkey Disguises and their very own Macy’s Day Parade! We had a blast!
November was full of fun, friends, and family in our classroom! Oh, and being "gobbled" by our co-workers!

SEAP : Bellingham

Lower SEAP having fun on a bowling field trip!

TEAP : Plainville

The students at TEAP-Jackson have enjoyed the month of November. They have been working hard in their academic classes as well as enjoying the outdoors hanging in the leaves.

The staff enjoyed word day in the Jackson School as well as a delicious pot luck for our half day PD.

SELC : Walpole

The therapy dogs came to visit Summit School. Some of the dogs that were here hanging with the students include:

Rebel from Walpole Police Dept.

Murf from Hudson Police Dept.

Derby from Salem Police Dept.

Harper from Randolph Police Dept.

SLBP : Bellingham

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, SLBP wrote stories about "The Perfect Pie". Some stories students came up with described a delicious pie and others were more comical (anyone want frog pie?!). The day before Thanksgiving, we made our own chocolate chip cookie pies! It was a yummy way to kick off our break!

TEP : Foxboro

TEP worked on creating Thankful Trees for the month of November. The trees were posted on a bulletin board and at the start of each ELA class, students wrote two things they were thankful for each day on leaves and added them to their tree. They kept a written list of all the things they were thankful for and then the week of Thanksgiving, they chose their top three to write about in an essay. All essays were typed and put on the back of their trees. They were then laminated and sent home for Thanksgiving! We were impressed with all the things our students were thankful for!!!

AMS : Franklin

During November, AMS students warmed-up with Coach and did fun fall activities!

LREP : Bellingham

Created with words from both classrooms Rachel Carpenter & Rebecca Blackburn students & teachers wrote or told Ms. Julia something they love! Answers from Stingrays, to our families to teachers, friends, chocolate, cars, tigers, the color blue, and many more awesome things - link us together!

SMS : Walpole

We have a superstar here at SMS. Adrianna has been awesome with the breakfast on a cart activity!

SHS : Walpole

At Summit High School, students are reading the novel, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." The story includes an interesting contrast of an innocent child’s perspective in a setting with circumstances far from innocent. Students are exploring the meaning and value of an innocent perspective and how it enables this story to unfold. Other themes include friendship, acts of humanity, understanding conformity and obedience, and exploring prejudice and discrimination.

Students are learning to take each other's perspective into consideration and understanding how the other themes are related.

STAP : Walpole

LRTC (9-12) : Walpole

LRTC (18+) : Wapole

For the month of November we have been learning about Kindness. The students have gone around in a group and say what they like about other students and staff. One of our students was helping his classmate look for a song on the Chromebook.

ATP : Walpole

This month, in honor of Veteran's Day, ATP students took part in a service learning project for the Brockton Veterans Hospital. Students collaborated to decide on items that they wanted to purchase, determined a budget, donated funds and purchased materials at The Dollar Store. Items such as toiletry necessities, recreational games, and candy were all donated. Thank you letters were also written as part of the project. The drive provided students a great opportunity to give to others in need.

ELA & Art : Summit in Walpole

Summit’s SELC and SMS Programs

Teachers Kate Crosby - Art & Kelly Messier - Classroom grades 3-6

A Collaboration of ELA and the Visual Arts: students engaged in both writing and illustrating a short story.

At the Summit elementary and middle school programs, students engaged in a writing and art project for Mrs. Messier and Art teacher, Kate Crosby. We developed a lesson plan incorporating both elements of writing and storytelling with character development and illustration. Each student wrote a brief story about their character and illustrated the parts of their story. The short stories were assembled into a booklet and students presented them in class.

Professional Speaker Series

Kurt Syer visited SUMMIT to meet with our students on Thursday, December 1 in the afternoon. Kurt was a pilot in the services and a commercial pilot for the extend of his career. Kurt brought a wealth of knowledge on aviation and everything that comes with planes.

Join Us For A Collaborative-Wide Holiday Spirit Week!

Thank you to Ms. Brousseau and Mrs. Jones for organizing this wonderful event!
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Every Thursday, a #PositiveSign that was created by a member/ members of the BICO community is shared with the collaborative to incorporate into their day!


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